The important thing to remember about the Democrats, is that they are now operating by techniques which used to be the exclusive domain of the Communists.  That is the price we all pay, for the Democrat party being led by a Marxist in the White House, and a power-hungry ultra-feminist waiting to replace him.

If I was making a list of rules for these radicals, this rule would be number one:

There is always a hidden motive.

Now that they are fully under communist control, the Dems NEVER do something to be nice.  They do stuff to win.  And there is a REASON behind any action, or lack of action, and that reason is going to be something which you are not going to like, once you figure out what it is.

Fast forward to the IRS scandal.  It looks like a gift from God to the Tea Party.  Right?  Very convenient that they just outed themselves on that one, isn't it?  Maybe even a little strange that their head bad-girl, Lois Lerner, was the one who did the outing.   Kinda makes you wonder......

Wait.  Stop for just a minute and think.  Are the Democrats really going to just GIVE us a scandal?

Of course not.  Something is up.  Rule number one.  There is a hidden motive.

Now, it's easy to jump to the simple, conspiratorial explanations, like the Obama/Hillary axis trying to deflect from Benghazi.  And it may be fun to speculate, but we really shouldn't.  The Democrats love it when we put on our tinfoil hats.

I've been waiting a long time for a good explanation - not only of the politically dangerous Tea Party targeting by the IRS - a hugely risky move - but this even more.  WHY in Heavens name, did they out themselves on it, when it could have gone unnoticed for years?  And why did the mainstream media jump on it?  Very uncharacteristic, wasn't that?  Yes, but there was the AP scandal, too, which inflamed the media - RIGHT?  Well, yes.  But remember - the AP scandal was revealed by the Justice Department - which is a 100% minion of the White House.

So what the heck is going on?  Why did the White House suddenly decide to come clean on scandals?

I am going to offer a controversial hypothesis - that "coming clean" on these particular scandals, at this particular time, was built into their plan.

First - let's look at the bigger picture of the IRS scandal.

Peggy Noonan had a really great post on her blog, entitled "Where Was The Tea Party?"   Which referenced Stan Veuger's blog post, entitled "Yes, IRS harassment blunted the Tea Party ground game".  And the point which Stan makes, and which Peggy affirms, is that the Obama regime (I love to call them a "regime") took note of Sarah Palin's Tea Party explosion in 2010, and did everything to muffle the Tea Party in 2012.  And if you look at Stan's numbers, then it's clear that the IRS harassment succeeded in keeping the Tea Party down in 2012, and keeping Obama in power.  THAT is what they were trying to do.  AND IT WORKED.

Things are different now.  Why - the Tea Party is doing wonderfully.  Pundits across the political world are speaking of its "rise from the ashes" - even if grudgingly, in the case of liberals.

Have you noticed that the Democrat trolls are only a minor presence, compared to when Obama tried to ram through his gun control agenda?  It's as if they disappeared.  Well, let's be honest.  Do you really think we scared them off?  Do you really think they just gave up?  Are they really all that afraid of us now?

I feel like slapping our collective side in the face and saying "WAKE UP!"

Of course not.

But if you're just a wee bit cynical, you do NOT need to reach for the tinfoil hat, to figure out what is going on.


The mid-term elections are coming up.  In the wake of IRS-gate, it looks like the Tea Party might actually do pretty well this time.  The smart money would say that Tea Party groups are going to help Republicans get a few seats this time.  Control of the Senate is even within the realm of possibility.

Wow.  Too bad it's not 2016.

And that, my friends, is exactly why our Democrat friends made ABSOLUTELY SURE that this scandal would come out precisely when it did, in early 2013, in precisely the way it did, after they CAREFULLY prepared for it.  Not in 2014, when it might result in an overwhelming Republican upset, but when the risk was minimal.  Not in 2015, either, when they might lose the White House because of it.  2013 is the safe bet.  It's like an insurance premium.  A cost of doing business.  Do something highly illegal - beyond the pale - to keep control of the White House in 2012.  Then get weaker in 2013, and lose a few seats in the House and Senate in 2014.  As few as possible.  But no matter what happens, don't risk 2016.

But there is something more than just them winning in 2016.  There is 2014.  Think about it.  It's almost as if the Democrats WANT the Tea Party to fire up in 2014, just like it did in 2010.

What's up with that?

Well, if Tea Party power really is cyclic, let's look at a sine wave.  Actually, this figure shows both a sin and a cosine, which are fundamentally related.

720px-Sine_and_Cosine.svg.pngConveniently, you can use the red and blue curves to represent Republicans and Democrats.  It's even calibrated right, in terms of 2 pi = 4 years.  The blue curve (Democrats) leads the red curve (Republicans) from left to right, which is also convenient for our purposes.  The curves don't mean exactly same things.  If they meant victories (high) and defeats (low), then the blue would just be a mirror image of red - red peak above blue valley.  No - in this case, red means Republican victory or defeat, but blue means what the Democrats are DOING to affect it - positive or negative.  They are LEADING the Republican results with what they are doing to SHAPE the outcome.  The exact lead is rough and variable, but the idea that it should lead on average by about a year is dictated by the 4 year presidential election cycle and the actual relationship of the curves.

Just consider the red curve.  That would be the Republicans, who are to a large extent dependent upon Tea Party turnout.  IF somebody wanted to engage in voter suppression tactics, then it's pretty easy to get noticed if they did it all the time.  That would be like trying to make the red curve never go above the middle, or like shifting it down by a level.  That would be something static like the old poll taxes, which doesn't change, and which people notice.  Somebody can fix it, and the advantage disappears.  But the Democrats have gotten very smart about voter suppression.  They realize that the best way to pull stuff on the Republicans is to vary it in TIME.  Do things OCCASIONALLY, or PERIODICALLY, and you can actually get away with it.  So now we not only have to look for dirty tricks - we have to look for fly-by-night dirty tricks.  ACORNs, anyone?  They're hot, dirty, and GONE in a flash.  And, of course, the IRS scandal.

The curves tell us that the Democrats will back off, or even use positives, to get the Republicans to peak in the most useless times, vis-à-vis control of the Executive branch.  Take the big blue peak in the middle as 2013.  That is right now.  The Democrats are doing stuff that lets the Republicans LOOK like they're OK.  And it will lead to the red curve peaking in 2014, or maybe just a wee bit early, so that the Republicans don't do TOO well.  So they feel complacent.  Hooray!  They just won.  They overcame the IRS scandal!  What a comeback!  Yeah, they just won the LOSER ELECTION - the mid-term that doesn't really control the runaway left-wing executive branch.  But yeah.  They won.

Watch what the blue curve does.  It starts heading down even as the election approaches, and once the Republicans win, it really dives, just as you would expect after the Democrats get "defeated" and have to get "serious".  Remember - the blue curve is not how they are doing - it's WHAT they're doing to the Republicans.  When it goes downward, it means that the Democrats are going increasingly negative in terms of what they do to the Republicans.  So this means that - starting RIGHT NOW, the next IRS-type voter suppression is ACTUALLY LAUNCHING.  Whatever the next big dirty trick is, it's about to start happening.  And it will kick in big time starting after the 2014 election.

The next dirty trick will be timed just like IRS-gate was.  Just like 2010 and 2011 were the big years for cheating to kill the Republicans in 2012, you can expect that the trick will unfold in 2014 and 2015 to kill the Republicans in 2016.  They want Hillary in there BADLY.  And they will offer a sacrifice to the Tea Party in 2013, for a good Republican showing in 2014, to accomplish that goal.

We thought that Hillary got out of the Obama administration so that she would be "free" from her Benghazi troubles.  Well, if this theory is correct, then it was actually so that Hillary can't be tainted by whatever HUGE scandal Obama is going to use next against Republicans and the Tea Party.  This way, the Obama administration can even do something which is 100% impeachment-worthy, and Hillary will be clean.

How do we stop it?  Don't get complacent in 2014.  That is when the new trick launches.  The Obama regime had great success moving illegal orders through the White House legal staff and the lawyers at the IRS, as well as using the unions to carry back-channel dirt, so keep your eyes on all of them.  By 2014, he will likely have some of his voodoo appointments in place, such as the horrible Hispanic commie racist Perez in Labor.  And we know that Eric Holder will still be there.  Expect some new nastiness to hit starting next year.

The media will try to help them.  When talk of the new scandal happens, the media will invoke "scandal fatigue".  This is just like the way that early inklings of IRS-gate were ignored in 2010.  Pretty slick, isn't it?  Use the Republican victory to mask the beginnings of the next Democrat deviousness, because the media is so easily led by public sentiment.  If the Republicans are doing well, it's not "fair" to go after the Democrats.

Bottom line:  The Democrats are WAY past their old tactic of controlling the explosion.  They are actually shaping the explosion.  They are even timing the explosion.  They are getting extremely good at "using" - if you will - the  element teapartium.  They used to just use it to inflame their base.  And they will still do that.  But they've gone way beyond using the Tea Party as just a negative boogeyman.  Now, they're using us as a power source for their own purposes - as a component in their cyclic engine of presidential re-election.

Translation:  The Obama Democrats have figured out how to lock the Republicans into the chump cycle.

Well, friends - it's high time we put a raw potato up their tailpipe, and a little sugar in their gas tank.  And maybe yank out a control rod or two.  After all, what's July 4th without a bit of fireworks?

Translation:  Break the cycle.  Disrupt the next evil trick.  Tie Hillary to it, and make her go down with it.


Next time:  Bringing Down Hillary

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  • Democrats and Rinos, one is as bad as the other, both must be run out of D.C. and the expulsion needs to be done quickly.

  • One thing we must do is realize that FOX is not our friend. While they have brought back Sarah and have West most of the rest of GOP they have on are rinos and worse. They are almost blatantly pro amnesty and at best neutral on gun control. They supported McCain and Hatch 2 senile crackpots that should be watching the grass grow.  

  • The fate of the Tea Party is not tied to Democrat plots, it is tied to establishment GOP. {f they are successful in preventing real conservatives getting on the ballot and we have mostly rinos than GOP, Tea Party, and America are in trouble. The powers behind mouthpiece Porky Rove seem to have more in common with radical left than with conservative America.  If enough of real America wakes up, monitors polling places and we have a moderately honest election there is a chance. But WAKEUP we must. 

  • The democrats, communists at heart, have distracted everyone from what are two key issues, One being the amnesty bill, the other addressing the legitimacy of Obama. I consider amnesty as the Trojan horse, the death knell for the republican party if passed. And as to Obama, an illegal alien, his muslim Marxist push for America is the death knell for the country. He has to be taken out of office. Impeachment can't be accomplished with a democrat Senate. The courts being the best focus also a tough objective with such a corrupt justice department, Obama's gay bedfellow, Holder, at the helm.t


  • Confuse the masses and gain the ground.  Its an old tactic used on battlefields throughout history.  The Trojan horse was very successful.  Offer the enemy a gift, then strike when least expected.

    We are at war and need to be alert at all times.  Look at the time lines:  Fast and Furious was deflected by Benghazi; Benghazi was deflected by the IRS,  The IRS was deflected by the AP, and on and on it goes.  We must not become complacient or anesthetized by the "recurrent" scandals.

  • Your point should be taken to heart due to the fact that if the "phoenix" that is the "Tea Party" does rise that just may give rise to distraction enough to allow RINOs like Rubio to get elected. This would be a TRUE win for the "socialist/ progressive MONSTER to take TOTAL control once and for all the States. What's at stake ? Peace on MAIN STREET.

  • WOW, WE R being over burdend by explosions they create, maybe.  they outed themselves on irs scandal because tp's finally were going to get there, persay, day in court before congress.  they came out so they would look good, it came out w/lerner's planted question.  Oh yes EVIL is very strong and knows all the ropes to doing their evil.  WATCH the video of "Pelosi booed at her own meeting" she talks about repubs, bush and gives us speech tht. we can use against her.  She is by far one of the most evil, what hapnd. to a healthy debate and a two party system, dems don't want it, this country is failing and they will b the only ones to survive, they will eat and drink while others starve.  We will not be battle weary and we will win!

  • Jesus hated the Tax man when they try to harasses the good people they will rot from within from there own evil, they will turn on eachother  and run like rats what good is it that he won the President office when he is hated thruout the world and his country, would you like a position that you can't even go to the bathroom wondering if you will see the lite of day is that why he needs to put shoe polish on his head all the time and Eric the Withholder as well you think there at peace lol Amen rot in hell

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