By Oscar Y. Harward

Americans are viewing an unlawful Democrat Party and US House takeover.  Minority Democrats are unprofessional, destructive, illegal, and unconstitutional under government rules. 

House legislators represent one half of our Legislative Branch.  House majorities and minorities are determined by political representation as politically elected by the voters in their Congressional Districts. 

Minority House Democrats are defying House rules.  All necessary for Democrats to get a record vote is for 218 legislator co-authors on legislation; guaranteeing passage. 

Minority Democrats’ legislation lacks the support in ratifying additional gun controls.  In lieu thereof, Democrats choose to force their illegal political acts above House rules and the American electorate. 

Minority Democrats’ sit-in on Capitol Hill is a living motivation for American citizens to guarantee protecting our 2nd Amendment and all other Bill of Rights; saving our USA from a lawless mutinous government. 

Now, because minority Democrat Party House leaders lack the required support of additional gun control legislation, minority Democrats are determined to act like an African jungle tribe leader who decides to take over the entire House and defy government House rules.

Americans must never fear our own ‘lawless’ government.

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  • I think this was just a excuse for democrats to have a all night gay orgy on the taxpayers  bill  gay sex is all they have on their mind when they aren't trying to destroy the constitution

  • They didn't "get their way" the Anticonstitutional "gun control" bills were shot down, and now they staged a "sit in" cried, threw tantrums, and rants, demanding that our AR15 rifles be banned. Fat effin chance if we can stop them. They will never quit, Constant battle against the libble/sheeple/peabrain's "assault" on our 2nd Amendment God given Rights!

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