Debt Guns Immigration

McCain & Lindsay…… gotta go!


It is one of a vast minority of RNC dispatches that address a real issue

GOOD for the RNC…..

Maybe they got the message that until they go to work for America, I will go to work against the RNC.

Anyway, their “Supporter” ranted……… and I agree….

We MUST stop immigration giveaway amnesty…. It is a BIG component of future spending

We must stop the news-grabbing gun-grabbing hype…. But it is SO important.

It is not too much to expect that our high priced help in Washington can handle several issues.

Especially if they do them one at a time……..

  1. Cut Spending……check my Debt Reduction Initiative
    1. DRI
  2. Gun- Control is great IF……….
             It punishes BAD Guys but Protects the Innocent
             Show me a bill that DOES NOT punish the innocent, and I’ll support it
  3. Immigration is wonderful, if done LEGALLY
  4. NO/NADA/ZIP/ZILCH rewards for law breakers
      1. NO anchor baby hotels or anchor babies
      2. E-Verify for ALL …with TEETH…including Employers
      3. Green cards for every College Grad that agrees to stay/work in America for 10 years

Now his rant

= = = = =  = = = =

When the number one problem in the Country is the Debt and Spending we have the Gang of 8 doing a horrible Immigration bill that is being sold as one thing when it is really something else and is being pushed by Lindsey Grahamnesty and John McCain the News hound.

These two guys should be reprimanded by the GOP as RINOS and wasting the taxpayers money chasing a ghost for their own publicity.

I think these two are the best Obama Supporters in the Senate.

Why do we want to support garbage these two use to help the President change the subject from the Importance of Reducing Spending and Reducing the Debt to chasing an Immigration Bill and trying to Destroy the Second Amendment.

 But it puts McCain and his side kick Grahamnesty on 4 or 5 Sunday talk shows every weekend. They also appear to be trying to keep up with the President on how long they can grow their noses. And McCain was one of the few RINOS that voted for the Gun Bill...... What a pair of Jokers.... get them off the role call we do not need them leading the band of idiots that are destroying the credibility of the Republican Party.

The GOP needs to sit down with both of them and tell them the jig is up to go to work on the priorities of the American people and stop supporting every whim of the President......

I would appreciate a reply ... I write this knowing everyone I talk to and I talk to many see them the same way I do.....  I will not support the Republican party if Graham and McCain don't shut up......and start working on the Debt..... and not take the divergence given them by the President....

Sent: 12/13/2012 1:55:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Cut the spending




Time is running out, but President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress refuse to enact serious spending reforms to avoid the looming fiscal disaster. Instead, they are holding our economy hostage until they get what they want - massive tax increases and more reckless spending.

The president may want more spending, but the American people don't. We can't keep mortgaging our children and grandchildren's future.

Significant spending reform would not only allow us to avoid the devastation of the fiscal cliff and its across-the-board tax hikes, but it would also put us on a path toward a more secure future.

Too much is at stake to sit idly by. Sign the petition and call your representative to tell them it's time to cut spending.




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