Thursdays debate in South Carolina showed that Gingrich has enough required visciousness to put the media in its place and to put Obama in his place if he gets the nomination. Romney is just too gentle of a man to call the media out and to expose Obama in any final debate should he get the nomination. Santorum showed he is not bashful either when it comes to expressing himself, but he still hasn't called the media or Obama out enough. Romney pretty much treaded water as he generally does. The moderator pretty much humored Ron Paul, knowing he will come in fourth at the final primary vote total.

It will be very important who the Vice President is chosen by the Republican nominee. While Sen. Rubio has a supposed citizenship issue he would almost make the Republican ticket a sure winner in November. It appears highly unlikely that any other candidate currently debating would be chosen by the Republican nominee, given the acrimony of the debates.

The very conservative Sen. Mitch Daniels will be giving the Republican response to Obama's state of the union address due shortly. He would make an excellent V.P. but is apparently wedded to Indiana politics. Congressman Paul Ryan would also be an excellent V.P. choice but he is wedded to his Congressional agenda. The Republican ticket MUST be strong on top and bottom.       

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  • The weaknesses of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Which are the least important? Mitt Romney is a decent man who isn't that comfortable in his own skin. He is a pure CEO! He isn't the insider that Newt has been, but Newt does know the machinations of how the goverment works in Washington D.C. Mitt is too polite to expose a hard core Chicago politician like Obama, or to put the media in its place as Newt continues to do. Mitt is far more of a likable bloke than is Gingrich, but the American people this time around want the ecomony turned around regardless if the President is a likable guy or is attractive like JFK was. Mitt was forced to compromise in the Democrat state of Massachusetts but we will need a president who with a majority hopefully in both house will not have to compromise. Should Newt get elected and not have the majority in both houses I tend to think he will be more agressive and imaginative in getting around Democrat resistance.        

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