Death Of The Republic

8409643686?profile=RESIZE_400xWe have slipped off the slippery slope. America can no longer consider itself a Republic

“Liberty and order will never be perfectly safe, until a trespass on the constitutional provisions for either, shall be felt with the same keenness that resents an invasion of the dearest rights, until every citizen shall be an Argus to espy, and an Aegeon to avenge, the unhallowed deed.” - James Madison 1792.

Many well-educated leaders in American society have yet to come to terms with the inescapable fact that the United States Constitution does not have to be followed by the Washington D.C. establishment.

It must be understood that the intense fear of the rapid changes that will soon follow has caused otherwise clear-thinking individuals to avoid the reality of the new emerging socialist country.

For the sake of history, it should also be explained how America lost its Republic and Constitution.

The clear theft of the 2020 Presidential election was but the final straw in a long chain of events traveling back many decades. The Obama administration was central to quickly marginalizing the Constitution’s protection and trashing the rule of law. But the all-out assault by the media, Democrats, and law enforcement against the election of Donald J. Trump started the country into a death spiral from which it never recovered.

Four years of a steady escalation of anarchy culminated with the most flagrant theft of a Presidential election. Many might argue that it was the hatred of the President that was the reason for the mysterious Biden win, but that would not give the bulk of the credit where it belongs—-radical ideologues backed by a propaganda press, Silicon Valley, and social media monopolies.

Like him or hate him, President Trump deserved to have his case heard in open court. The country deserved to hear the evidence that the propaganda media says does not exist.

We have slipped off the slippery slope. America can no longer consider itself a Republic.

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