Dear Tea Party

Dear Tea Party,

I have joined today simply because I am a tired American. I say Tired American because Obama and his minions(which are communist) a have beaten me and my pride to the core.  But i am still a proud American and you cant push me down for long.

When did it become ok to be a communist? When did it become ok for the American flag to become tarnished they way he tarnish it? When did become a right of passage to shit on those who actually work their ass off to be where they are today and praise those who sit on their ass and live off OUR tax dollars? and last but certainly not least, this is what pisses me off the most, when did it become ok to disrespect our men and women who have fought to keep this Country free and safe.

I am new to the Tea Party and I'm the kind to stand behind my party as long as they stand behind me.  I cant keep my mouth and i wont back down from a fight. 

I believe that the people in the government are not listening to We the People. That's what cause the first revolution and i don't think they want another.

I'm mad, No, I'm pissed. and everyone in the America should be. I'm tired looking at the news to see a new bill has passed with out your or my permission. Don't our tax dollars give them a pay check?? Aren't We the People the boss??? so why aren't we getting what we want??

The Liberal American people are ignorant. As long as the news casters keep telling them what they want to hear and the government keeps cutting them a check they are happy. Brain washing children into believing in a false history book and leading all people to believe as long as you keep your eyes on the TV your mouth shut and your ass in the lazy-boy no harm will come to you. What America is this?? It's not the one i grew up to.

And lets talk about this gun control crap. ALMOST EVERY MASS SHOOTING  THAT HAS HAPPENED, THE SHOOTER HAS STOLEN THE GUN THEY USED. We need to wake up these dumb ass Americans who want gun control. For what?? When Obama and his minions want to take over and make this a communist state or for when they allow Al-qaeda to take over?? Because you know we are funding the rebels in Sryia which are basically apart of Al-qaeda.HELLO!

Not one man or women on the Earth gave me the right to believe what i believe, God gave me that right. And i will be damned if i let anyone take that away from me or anyone else.

thank you for reading what goes on in my mind

Victoria Witty

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  • Victoria- good I'm glad you got to vent these feelings! yes your at the right place, we all love our country and see what has happened to it, the spoiled rotten children have been given a voice and they are willing to fly this plane into the mountain to prove they're right. Obama is a prime example of that, he has no past, has no family, has no proof of being an American citizen, he has no experience of running any thing other than a Kool- aid stand, yet he got elected into the highest office in the country based on he was pretty and talked good. This is the mentality we are up against. I do believe that most of America is tired of this crap and the fight is building to take our country back from the spoiled children  who operate on opinions and blind loyalties to Obama. welcome Aboard!

  • May I PLEASE post this on facebook and my website!?!?!?  We need MORE like you instead of apathetic sheep who are willing to be ruled by insane Chicago thugs who have already broken enough laws to go to jail for life.

    Please keep up the good work!

  • There ye go

  • Thank you for speaking out Victoria. YOU ARE RIGHT!

  • Hi Victoria, welcome to the sunlight!

    Never sit down, Never Shut up, Never Give up, Never give in, Never Forget and Never submit!

    Fair Winds!

  • BRAVO! WELL SAID! Not much to add to that!

  • Bless your heart Victoria and welcome to the Tea Party. I spent many years in my youth talking to my grandmother, the treasure of my life. She was a hard working small store owner in small town America. Among the many words of wisdom she imparted to me was a relentless mantra to not worry so much about outside forces taking over America, it is the enemys with-in the country that are the true danger to our nation. As much as I miss her, I am thankful she is not here to see what is happening to her beloved United States of America. To all the Tea Party members, new and old, keep up the fight and SEMPER FI.

  • Victoria, you have inspired me.  I have served my country for 20 years as an Air Force Officer.  My oath of enlistment/commissioning start with, "I ____ will suport and defend the United States of America against all enimies foreign and DOMESTIC.....".  I am 67 years old now and I still stand by my oath.  I will stand by you and my Tea Party brothers and sisters.

  • Welcome Victoria.  I second Ralph Baker's comment below.

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