The Conservative  wing of the GOP has been taken over by subversives who have lost the meaning of being a Conservative Republican  I know it is not your fault being busy and following the leads of the senators and congressmen and women who are now firmly attacked to the tit of government. [1]foot note

You think it is ok to support Authoritarian government as long as they are enforcing your will on those evil blue state Liberals.  Well you are wrong !  Freedom is Freedom and to be free you must allow those you disagree with do things that disagree with.  This does not suggest you should allow the government to fund their bad ideas.

As a Conservative you should read and understand the Constitution and the intent on every  rule and every amendment, but sadly you are clueless as to what the framers intent was so you go along to get along.

You allow them to say that the 1st amendment allowed them to take religion out of our schools when that was not the intent!

You allow them to suggest the 2nd was to protect the national guards guns, or was for hunting or something it was not.

You allow them to alter the document in ways that undermine every aspect of the American culture ?

Read the Constitution and then think about the words chosen because they were chosen with care and remember to consider those who wrote it and how they used those words

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were not stupid they were very wise and saw how stupid you might become!

Well this is your last chance at stopping the Socialists and authoritarians from rendering the document null and void IT is your choice , sit on your hands or stand up and demand that those in washington follow their oath or face treason charges

It is treason to dis-obey that oath

Don't think your congressman is attached to the tit , look at his retirement and future medical coverage.

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