The way we undo the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Regime's disastrous legislation is one Bill at a Time, and then The Way To Undo The Past 50 Years of the Nanny State's Construction is one Bill, One Agency, One Bureau, One Commission and One Departiment at a time.  Encourage your congressmen/women to behave responsibly and stop the fascist takeover in this country.  This socialist model has already run up a multi-trillion dollar national debt.
As late as 1979, the entire amount of deficit spending which had accumulated during the first 200 years of the history of this nation when added together was less than 1 trillion dollars.  Now, in oly 30 years, that figure has reached 15 trillion dollars and is growing by billions daily.  No country can sustain this kind of Insane Spending which is all being Spent to Amass Federal Power By Expanding the Size, Scope, and Power of the Federal Government.  We have one useless agency after another and this administration is still piling them on.
And, the Gulf Oil Disaster is giving us a really good look at that Worthless Bureaucracy at work.  These useless agencies such as the EPA, took weeks and weeks to do a supposed Environmental Impact Study on How Piling Dirt Barriers in the Gulf might harm the environment, while the Oil That We Already Knew What It Was Going To Do was destroying the Environment, and then when this worthless agency finally gave Governor Jindal Permission to Build the Dunes, they only said they coud build about one fourth of what they had asked for.  Without this Useless and Needless Delay by a Worthless Federal Agency, Governor Jindal could have made a decision at the local level and Acted To Save The Marshes in a Timely Fashion.
Most things that need to be done in this country are best handled by the Local and State Government's who are close to the problem, can assess the problem and act on the problem swiftly and efficiently.  This is how the United States was designed to Work.  The Social and Political Engineers over the past 40 to 60 years have been Re-Constructing The United States' Foundations and these Re-Constructed Foundations are Faulty and Do More Harm Than Good.
The only thing that the Feds should be doing is providing for National Defense, Infrastructure, Protection of Ports and Borders, and othe National Security Issues.  The Federal Government should never have been allowed to Become a Carbon Copy of the Worthless Russian or USSR Communist Model which was Made UP Of Huge, costly, and worthless bureaucracies that had to control it's citizens with an iron fist, lest they would revolt against the excesses of it's own government.  This is pretty much what is happening in the USA today.  The Obama administration and many in congress are continually talking down on those of us who are trying to rein in the government's excessive spending, excessive regulations and excessive taxation, and especially sick of the messages coming from this administration and his hate groups such as the New Black Panthers, ACLU, ACORN, SEIU, NAACP, SPLC, SCLC, LaRaza and others calling those of us who oppose this socialist movement by the government racists and bigots.  We are not Racist or Bigoted.  We are Americans trying to Get The Government's Attention, and at the same time to Educate other Americans as to what is going on in this great country of ours.
So, when we say We Want to Take This Country Back, it has nothing to do with Obama's Race, which as I understand it, he was the Product of a White Woman who was a United States Citizen and a Communist Black Man From Kenya, Africa. This makes Obama Equally White and Black, so why can we Whites not Claim him as our own.  So, now I assume Obama to be a White since His Legal Parent was White, and looking at him this way, in no way changes my opinion of His Policies and his Beliefs, which, as president, he is able to act on.   So, all of my Conservative buddies out there, do not waste one second defending against Racism.  This is nothing but a Political Tactic being used by the Liberal Democrats with the aid of the MSM and their Hate Group Organizations mentioned above in order to Squelch the Truth of What We Stand For, which is we Stand for America, and a return to Constitutional Law, and Fiscal Responsibility.
And, that is not racist.  FDR was not Black or Black and White, LBJ was not Black, Jimmy Carter was Not Black, Bill Clinton Was not Black, Hillary Clinton Is Not Black, Nancy Botox Pelosi is not Black, Harry Reid is Not Black, Barney Frank is Not Black, Christopher Dodd is not Black, Princess Barbara Boxer, a Senator and not a Maam, is Not Black.  So, do not let these scoundrels in DC, The MSM, or their Strong Arm Groups and Shake Down Artists such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louie Farakhan, the New Black Panthers or others Distract You From the Cause of Returning this Nation to Constitutional Law and Fiscal Responsibility which will provide LIberty and Justice For All which is what was intended by the Founding Fathers and that is why we have a Constitution and A Declaration of Independence which served this nation and it's citizens well for over 200 years, and Change We Do Not Need, except Changing It Back To What It Is Supposed To Be.  Limited Federal Government, with most power being held at the local and state levels to deal with Domestic Policies.  The feds are responsible for National Defense and Border Security, and they are doing neither of these very well, because they are too busy Politicizing Everything and in Building a Complete Fascist Nanny State that We, The People Are Telling Them:   WE  DO  NOT  WANT!!!  Do not let them get you off message.  This is the message.
Like Bo Jackson Said, Just Do It!  That is what we are telling the Feds.  Just Do Your Legitimate Jobs and Leave The Rest To Us in our Communities and States.  Then, everybody can just get along, and we will do just fine. 
Thank You--M. Jerome Ennis, MAed Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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  • Go to nebraska republic dot org and pick on "WATCH VIDEO".

  • Sharon, it is only Soft Tyranny as long as what they are doing to somebody else.  Let them get their fangs into you and you will see that the USA has no Soft Tyranny.  You are only safe from this tyrannical government as long as you pretend to go along with it and not cross them.

  • You are so right Sharon.  And, none of our so-called Presidential contenders are mentioning any of these things.  Since Obama became POTUS, our gas prices and utility bills have more than doubled, and the Federal and State Taxes on everything from Ammo to Cigarettes has skyrocketed as have our health care premiums and co-pays.  And, of course, our food prices have also doubled as the Ethanol Industry which has a Net Negative Energy base, is driving up food prices while delivering an inefficient fuel which gets 50 percent less fuel efficiency than Petro Fuels, and at the same time, Ethanol destroys combustion engines, thus making car repairs more expensive and more often.  Nothing the Regime has done has helped but every single policy has hurt us financially and morally, and that is the Obama Regime's Aim, and I must say, the Republicans have stood by and allowed it to happen, without even a whimper.

  • Abolish the FED, Educ, Energy, DHS, ....

    See some discussion about this on:

  • How about we not only nullify the recent laws (say 150 yrs or so), how about nullifying several of the improperly ratified constitutional amendments.

  • I think we should just nullify all federal laws passed after 1890 and let the legislature start over.  That would give them something productive to do.

  • There are way too many freeloaders earning undo income.  Government employees are at the helm of this pack.  While true "production jobs" continue leaving our shores, all to often to build economies of "essentially hostile" nations (like China), all that's left here is either meaningless jobs (like call centers) or ace-kissing, cozy freeloading jobs - meaningless government and administrative positions.

    We are being robbed but only few pay attention.


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