DC Appeals Court Liberal Appointments wide Open Now

Harry Reid elimination of the filibuster rules for presidential appointments means that the three judicial appointments that Obama is making this week will fly through Congress. They are liberals and one is an extreme liberal all with life time appointments . Reid should be ashamed of what he has done to our country and Obama is beyond shame. The DC  court was not backed up, but with these 3 appointments the court will flip way to the left. Now, every executive order, EPA rule or other abuse will be green lighted by the DC circuit, if Obama 's appointments follow their proven liberal beliefs.

This is probably the most damaging thing done to the US to date and a great deal has been done. We lived in a Republic where minority rights were protected, especially by the Senate in the past. Now, with Obama care passed without one GOP vote and rammed through on a technically that avoided any filibuster and now the rules change on appointments the democracy rules, the majority only. This was never intended and until Reid, Pelosi and Obama's imperial reign it was not the case. Those sorry excuses for politicians stated why this should never be done themselves when they were in the minority. Shame on them all and I pray to God America has not turned a corner that we can not come back from that these evil people have done to us all.  

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