Day three of the Shutdown

For Obama to continue to say that he would veto any bills that might make it to his desk that fund part of the government, and not all of what he wants, is just ridiculous. Obama, Reid, and the rest of the Dems are making it especially painful for Americans during this partial shutdown. Obama has gone out of his way to shutdown OPEN AIR monuments and attractions, not to mention privately funded areas so he can continue to try and lay blame on Republicans.


As I have said and continue to say, all Obama knows how to do is blame, deflect, and campaign. Nothing is or ever will be Obama’s fault, even though the buck stops with him. He has spent so much time circumventing the Republican controlled Congress, he has not learned to try and work with them. Even when he was Senator Obama, he never built a working relationship with Republican lawmakers.


Now that Obama has no way around the Congress, and he has to work with, and deal with them, he is doing all he can to try and make them submit and break their will. This Congress was re-elected to NOT allow Obama a super-majority again. This Congress was re-elected on the promise of what they are doing, replace, defund, and repeal ObamaCare.


Obama stands at the top of his mountain screaming that he will not negotiate. Then he sits before a camera and says he will work with anyone. So which is it? What do we all believe? If you say two things on opposite ends of the spectrum, how do we know what you mean? Obama in a videotaped interview with CNBC actually encouraged the stock market to fail so it would further his rhetoric and blame of Republicans.


When has a sitting president ever hoped for the financial markets to fail, dip or rebel so that Obama can use it to punish and blame Republicans? Never! This is unheard of! Obama in the same interview made statements that he has kept his rhetoric to a minimum, that he has bent over backwards to work with Republicans. I nearly hurt myself when I heard that. It took me a while to recover from the choking and laughter at the unbelievable nature of that statement.


Obama has made 19 changes to ObamaCare on his own, which is unconstitutional. He is president now, no longer a lawmaker. He either helps make the bills, or he signs the bills. He cannot do both, that is the separation of the legislative branch and the executive branch. This is where dictator and tyrannical leader Obama gets lost and forgets he is not a king.


That is why Obama keeps wishing that the Congress would just rubberstamp whatever he wants, which is NOT what they are there for. The Republican Congress is there to represent us, the people, and the American people. The people that seeing through this limited shutdown how departments like the EPA is functioning just fine with 10% of its workforce. So the remaining 90% is pork, which is savings we could all have.


This would continue with other departments when we look into it. We are all finding out now. This is a silver lining byproduct of the shutdown, at least how I am viewing it. Take the 90% savings from just the EPA and apply that to the monuments and national parks. Those are national treasures, our heritage, and history.

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  •                       WHAT SHUTDOWN ?

  • look and see who Obama is always taking to up north white people. Do you ever see him taking to any one below the Washington DC line.

    To final put his money well his mouth it, why do not the Rep senator just get 5 Dem on they side ones that care for the Vets and baby to help remove Reid and then maybe the bills past in congress will be past in the senator , and then let see Obama not sign them. That will show who really has a war on Baby and old lady's

  • BO's string pullers engineered the housing crisis. Easy to prove.

  • Isn't eliminating the EPA something we wanted anyway?

  • Well day 3 and we are still here.

  • Let them have as many strategists as they want, America is broke, we have been for a long time.  That is the truth.  We are being controlled by an International Bilderburg group of Bankers and Investors in mine and many others opinions.  Americans need to get the FEDERAL RESERVE AUDITED and Obama impeached.  It is plain and simple.  NO OBAMACARE.  To clean up a closet or a mess, you make a mess.  Ask any Mom.  Our Federal Government is a legalistic quagmire of legalease that needs to be simplified to the basics of the Constitution.  It is easy, the people need to retake control of our lives, our monies, our tax dollars, our government, and reign in these Politicians.  We do that by Peaceful Civil Disobedience, saying no to Obama care, calling the Senate, Congress, and WhiteHouse, and keeping the talk going.  No Fear! Vote, get others informed, and talk it up.  Calling the newspapers and writing blogs, letters to the editors too. As Ted Cruz says, we have only just begun to fight.  For the last five years I have been writing about Obama and how dangerous he was, while others harrassed me, tried to accuse me of being a racist, and worshipped at his feet.  Now they have awakened.  They are realizing they have been lied to.  They are the people he needs to fear.  I never fell for his lies, except the bail out of the housing industry....then I dug deeper and found he helped to cause the crises in my opinion.  Why did a lady with a child crash the Whitehouse gates yesterday?  Was she a disullisioned Obama fan or Community Organizer?  Now that she is dead, we will never know.  Semper Fi and to Infinity and Beyond!

  • A bully will continue to bully unless somebody stands up to him.  This is why the House needs to stand their ground and not give an inch until bully Obama agrees to negotiate with them.  As far as private organizations being bullied by this tyrant, they need the House to stand with them like they did with the Veterans and run the bullies off and open these private institutions up again to the public.  It is ridiculous that this is allowed to continue.

  • The elite plotting destruction probably have a big office full of strategists well hidden.


    Uncover this and I'd say a whole bunch of arrests for treason become justified.

  • " Take the 90% savings from just the EPA and apply that to the monuments and national parks. Those are national treasures, our heritage, and history."-Amy Weber

    Better still Amy, abolish the EPA as an unconstitutional expansion of the federal government, and incorporate the currently functioning 10% of the EPA activity into the overhead of the Deaprtment of the Interior (the subdept. of Environment Protection). THINK OF THE SAVINGS!

  • The Communist Party's plan has always been the eventual destruction of The Republican Party - using any means necessary.


    About 1948 the President of Communist Party USA declared publicly they did not need to start their own party to run for offices because The Democrat Party adopted their ENTIRE platform.


    Today about a third of House D's are Communists, some card carrying.

    If you want to defeat an enemy it sure helps to know who they really are.

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