In spite of a lack of media coverage of the fact, the economy is doing great.

Jobs are being added, housing is doing fantastic, unemployment is at all time lows — things are actually pretty rosy.

Well, unless you’re at CNN, that is.

Just one day after President Trump tweeted about one of his favorite subjects — the “fake news media,” of which CNN is usually the best example — the liberal Vanity Fair reported that the Clinton News Network was undergoing a bit of “rightsizing.”

For those of you not up on your modern corporatespeak, that’s the pleasant-sounding euphemism for layoffs these days. Apparently, the synergistic win-win paradigm of all-Trump-bashing, all-the-time programming wasn’t thinking far enough outside of the box.

Well, actually, the reasons behind the layoffs at CNN are slightly more complicated than that, as Vanity Fair’s Joe Pompeo — who broke the story — points out. In spite of the boost in news interest that the Trump campaign and administration has caused, CNN still has issues regarding its parent company’s pending merger with telecom giant AT&T.

Pompeo reported that “despite the so-called Trump Bump, CNN appears to be re-thinking at least some elements of its digital strategy.”

“I’ve learned that CNN, a key property in AT&T’s planned takeover of CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, is targeting big savings on the digital side, with as many as 50 jobs around the globe scheduled to be eliminated this week, according to people familiar with the matter, who noted the exact number could still be in flux,” Pompeo reported.

“The cuts will affect employees who work in premium businesses including CNN Money, video, product, tech and social publishing, these people said.”

Pompeo also noted that several digital projects were being “scaled back.” Its presence on Snapchat and on virtual reality platforms are going to see cuts, and a live daily webcast is getting axed after just four months in existence.

Another “team that works on the digital extensions of documentary-style TV shows, such as Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ and Lisa Ling’s ‘This is Life,’ as well as the Brooke Baldwin series ‘American Woman,’ is also being reorganized,” Pompeo wrote.

So apparently, if you want to see digital extras involving an aging New Jersey-born cook getting insanely sloshed in a remote Upper Silesian village all while tasting a rare local dish of rotted pork cured in formaldehyde you’re going to be out of luck. Sorry.

The news of the layoffs broke one day after the president took aim at the “fake news media” again on Twitter.