Darn Biased Media

The media said Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) was long winded,  but Wendy Davis the State Senator in TX who filibustered the abortion bill was a folk hero.  This media bias is really getting annoying.  Please let me know what you think.  Andrew

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday and Wednesday spent more than 21 straight hours on the Senate floor making his case to his Senate colleagues and the American people for de-funding of ObamaCare. Most mainstream media outlets criticized the Texas senator’s speech.

Cruz’s talk – not technically a filibuster – got bombarded with negative reports by the big three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). Scott Whitlock, senior news analyst for Media Research Center, says those networks derided the conservative uprising against ObamaCare, mocking the freshman senator and calling his speech a “bizarre, long-winded protest” against funding the healthcare law.

“Though they’re actually covering Ted Cruz this time, their response to ObamaCare and all the problems with ObamaCare – other than what Ted Cruz said – has been largely to ignore it,” he reports. “They’ve ignored the problems with implementation; they’ve ignored the problems with the one-year delay of the mandate.”

- See more at: http://onenewsnow.com//media/2013/09/27/ted-cruz-%E2%80%98long-winded%E2%80%99-but-wendy-davis-a-%E2%80%98folk-hero%E2%80%99#.UkWw0Rb3-hM

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