As my poor soul jurneys through this town ware evil begins and seems to have no end. My soul feels with tears.A place ware curroption stretches its wings like an eagle from here to D.C.A gov. worker he or she traveled to mexico with family . Then came back with percription medication then distributed them out to big well known families in ascension parish.Seems sad then how they brag cause they know trouble is no ware near.It fills my bright eyes witth tears how the law and curroption works here.FOr I have seen good people down in a moment do many yrs for such a crime.It seems so unfair Seems sad how we must raise kids in a place ware evil and curroption is well hid any yet is still seen.Is this the united states future ware as long as you work for the goverment that this behavor is ok. Is this the future for our children in this place we all call home.
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