Cuba was good enough for Our Troops.

  As an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the U.S. Army(1974) and the U.S. Navy(1979) I fully support ALL of our Servicemen all over the globe. The embarrassment of having to serve under an Anti-American like Barry Obummer must be disheartening. My Prayers go out for all of you. Impeach Obama, NOW! 

  Also, The base in Guantanamo Bay,Cuba is now a Luxury Resort for the Islamic Terrorist there compared to the conditions We had back in 1977-78. We,the military stationed there then, had No A/C, NO access to Multiple TV stations, and rare calls to home from call centers only.

   I say that the incarcerated Terrorist now there should stop the whining and be subjected to the same or worse conditions that our military was back then. Add in Hard Labor and no further outside communications and they won't want to get involved in terrorist activities quite as much again.

  No more Desert Island Vacations for Terrorist anymore. Gitmo can be a Top Notch Rehab for them now.

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