Cruz and Kasich Honor Your Loyalty Agreements

Ted Cruz and John Kasich must do whats right and honor thier loyalty agreements to support the now official candidate Mr. Donald J. Trump for President of our great nation. Technically Trump had already won the nomination. The recent actions of the anti-Trump Republican candidates have sickened me as well as many others. The RNC is supposed to be where ALL Republicans come together to support the PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE. I have already lost all respect for John Kasich because of his horrible, disrespectful, and dishonorable behavior especially in his own home state. Ted Cruz was a friend and I hope he will do the only honorable thing left. Support the next President of the United States of America. Mr. Cruz please don't dissappoint us any further by continuing this selfishness so that we may start to believe in you once again.
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  • Mr Kasich is a true rino.  I would never have voted for him. In fact he really should be on

    the other side.  I wish I could remember the details but he was put on a private jet

    going around I think pushing for the TPP. But since it was so long ago, I cannot verify

    the information. Ted Cruz, was subliminally asking for a third party vote.  That would just

    be a vote for HC.  They are in it together.  Its either Trump or HC. Take your pick.

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