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After hearing about that Crash the Tea Party sight on my local Fox news channel here in Chicago - I had to go on it to see what group was organizing it. At the bottom of the page (the part that they did not show on the news), there it is in bold face "ARE YOU A CAPITALIST.......OR A SOCIALIST???" Aaaaaaaah, it became apparent who or what is behind that. That immediately prompted me to officially join the Tea Party - I am sick and tired of the image media tries to portray against the Tea Partiers - you never, ever, ever heard any of the same "hush" when it came to other organized protesters ie: The Million Man March, Union Pickets, the Immigration Rallies (where 90% are ILLEGAL!!) Since when do Illegal immigrants retain Freedom of Speech and American born citizens are hushed?? I've had it!! I am not a fat, lazy, old, racist - I am a 32 year old Mother of 3 - who is not fat - Married to a Veteran, raised in this completely LEFT Chicago area - I am not even close to being a matter of fact I have more energy now that I am motivated by their ridiculous accusations - I can spell and I am fluent in the English language (our National Language) - And as far as the racist part.....I am sick of being called a racist because I am "white" - the remark is racist in itself - accusing me of being racist based on the color of my skin??? Cuz why? Only white people are racist?? Ha ha ha - nice try! I think the media has helped beat that one to death and I foresee that argument going by the wayside soon.

I encourage women everyday, at the hair salon I own, to evaluate their positions - FORGET ABOUT REPUBS OR DEMS - CLARIFY IF THE CANDIDATE IS A PROGRESSIVE (since they are on both sides) - AND THEN DETERMINE IF THEY ARE WORTHY OF YOUR VOTE!!! You are not supposed to talk about Politics or Religion in a salon BUT it is a state of National Emergency - WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

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  • I am tired of it also...Everytime I disagree with Obama's policies I am called a racist. This has nothing to do with racism. But the liberal media keeps hammering it into peoples' minds that it is. Another way to hide the real agenda of the liberal media. Thank you
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