Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian politician who tried to get elected promoting national socialism. The Norwegians rejected him and national socialism. So Quisling wormed his way into the bureaucracy to learn the inner workings of government and form alliances with other idiots in the government. He then made a secret deal with Hitler to take over Norway and force national socialism on the Norwegian people. Since then Quisling has been used to describe politicians and traitors who have a secret agenda which they hide from the public they are trying to fool and manipulate.

History is repeating itself in the USA now. People are beginning to realize that we’ve been intentionally lied to by our elected representatives for years. They’ve promoted "environmental legislation" that they pretended was for clean air and water. It’s real purpose was to gain regulatory power the public never intended the government to have. Social legislation was promoted which did not benefit anyone in society except the lawyers. It made them rich by allowing them to cram our courts with useless litigation. One of the secrets about environmental legislation was that it gave legal standing to any group of idiots who wanted to obstruct progress and impose their malice on people who were trying to develop wasted property or rehabilitate existing property. That’s why there are no "shovel ready jobs". And Obama and the rest of the horde know it; they’ve effectively cut off any movement to progress and turned us into a third world country. Obama smiles because it amuses him to see how effective their legislation has been. Much anti-business anti-consumer legislation had the hidden purpose of shutting down businesses and driving others overseas.

There is proof of this intentional deception. Congress has not passed a budget for three years, (even though they’ve increased spending to an unbelievable level), in order to hide what they are doing with the money. Billions have been frittered away on "green" businesses which the public does not want and never asked for. It’s a way to make friends and lobbyists rich at the expense of working Americans. Many of the businesses funded by the president and Congress have already gone bankrupt leaving us the bill while the business owners got rich and the politicians got huge donations. (Politicians convert their unused campaign funds into retirement money when they leave or are thrown out of office.

We need to spread the word so that Americans who only get their information from the duplicitous mainstream media will understand what has been going on. Ane we meed to elect politicians who will REVERSE the bad legislation that has been adding up for forty years. Only the Tea Party will do it.

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  • Barney Frank said the middle class would be to busy to notice. when America realizes this all by design, and the end game is communism, we might turn things around or barney was right.

  • I received an email from Obama's campaign group and in this email was a troubling statement and read as follows. " Friend --

    Today is one of the most important fundraising deadlines of this campaign so far.

    We might not outraise Mitt Romney.

    But I am determined to keep the margin close enough that we can win this election the right way. "

    To do that I need your help today.

    Please donate $3 or more before tonight's deadline:

    What does he mean? Could it mean if he can't win, he has another method to stay in power? I'm becoming very concerned as we approach the day of reckoning.

  • Yes, we must understand who the real enemy is! The central contender is the #1. Progressive Humanist Socialists! They are a malignant invasive Cancer that will progress into an autocrat oligarch. All Progressives will progress into Marxism or Leninism the worst Cancer that mankind has ever been faced with!  #2. Islamic fifth collumn that Hussain Obama has been bring in through his "Executive Orders." #3. New Black Panthers - whom Hussain Obama stated before he became president - his security force as strong as the U.S. Military for home use (against all threats  to his agenda). #4. The United States Communist Party (uscp) and the Unions who are in full support of the destruction of change that Hussain Obama has been jamming down our throats.

    There is a solution that is the formation of the TEA PARTY and the formation of the Minutemen of 1776 - the America Rifleman. The only last line of defense that we have; if the slime of the DOJ is put into checkmate and those of Hussain Obama's Czars are run out of the USA on a rail: who are Fascists or Communist out right, if not they are still symptizers in the destrution of Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness in having a Choice in whom  we are as Sovereign Individuals in support of our Sovereign Constitutional Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    One thing we can do and do often is PRAY to our Heavenly Father for delivering us from the vermin among us.

  • For those of you who say lets march on Washington.  Well I agree with you except for a couple of things.  Remember when Obama was running for president, he talked about an army of 240,000 who would answer only to him.  Well he has that army.  He has also put a lot of Homosexuals in the regular army who will only answer to him.  He has also, brought to the states many Muslim terriosts.  The Muslim Brotherhood is training many suicide bombers to attack targets in the US and other countrys.  We already have suicide cells here in the US.  They are waiting for the word, then they will strike.  I know that some schools have been targeted.  2 months after 9/11, I called the police and reported two cars of Muslim men who had checked out the local school.  Obama will do everything he can to stay in power and the Dems and Repubs will support him.

  • Shared and knew this beforehand, some people still have common sense...

  • Pres. Obama has done nothing but go against the "will" of the people.  He ignores his oath of office and chooses to enforce only the laws of the land that doesn't compromise his own moral values.  His support is strictly from the liberal left who want to transform this nation into a european type country where sexual freedom and expression is socially viewed as a civil right instead of an immoral lifestyle.  In addition, when conservative congress refuses to condone his own liberal immoral values, he unilaterally imposes his own liberal ideology on the people through executive order. He has no apparent record of success as president and what he claims to be success is superficial or a continuance from former presidents.  Yet, there are people who will vote for him for no other reason than sentimenatl value.   The Tea Party is in a great postion to change this throught the process of "Cosntitutional Convention".  Constitutional Convention is the process by which a collective two-thirds state legislature can force a joint resolution in congress to amend the U.S. Constitution and prevent the constitution from being rewritten to serve special interest rather than insuring the people's right and freedom to self-govern.  Constitutional Convention has been used once in the history of this nation to over turn prohibition.  If "We The People" exercise this right we can make a difference in this nations future and our children's lives.

  • The politicians are doing  what the majority vote wants them to do.  The Bill of Rights was created to withdraw those rights commonly known as God-given from political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majority votes. They depend on no election. But if you don't demand your God-given rights, you lose them.


    Knowing this, I challenged the all-powerful IRS. The IRS is above the law.  It has the authority to make limitless mistakes, which it did, and with the courts' sanction.  I used the court record to get on the front page. The IRS ate crow.  What would you call that?  It wasn't the law in practice.


    It had a profound affect on me. I became a believer in the power God gave me. By looking within for my answers, all of my dreams have come true. I've written a book of memoirs, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012. it will be available in July.  I hope you will read what I've learned about the law and pass it on.

  • EVERYONE!  This is some very useful information that I passed on to my son in Nashville. Do you know there is ONE CHRISTIAN GROUP that is Exempt from paying any fines for not using OBAMACARE insurance? I'm not a member and this link is generic. they say the premiums alone could save the average member 20-30% over what they're paying right now for insurance premiums. It's

    If the link doesn't work, just go to or some search engine. I do NOT use Google anymore. Type in the words medishare health plans. Good luck. Hope this helps some of our members. God Help me. I will be on medicare in about a month.

  • Jane: what can we do?

    Well, we can make November 2010 look like a warm up for November 2012.

    DUMP the wooden head, TAKE the senate, HOLD the house.

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