Could this be the way?

Could this be the way?


I lived in Nevada when Harry Reid was first elected to the Governorship of that state.  He was not a bad guy then.  He has changed.  He has become infected with the disease of Power.  Not the power to do good or even the power to do evil, but the power to wield Power.  This one aspect of his life has turned a decent guy into an evil man.  We see this every day with our long term politicians.  Take a look at John McCain:  Graduate of The U.S Naval Academy, Captain in the U.S. Navy, Suffered as a POW, formerly a staunch conservative.  He has served in the US Senate since 1987.  He now suffers from that same disease.  You can see it in his every public comment these days.  I could go on with a litany of both Democrats and Republicans that have ‘served’ in both the house and senate for more than one or two terms and demonstrate the movement toward and the succumbing to the disease of Power.  These people are no longer in office to ‘serve’ but to command.  


BOH said after he was elected the first time (he came to office already infected) that the people should leave governing and governing decisions to the professionals.  They should not concern themselves with the process nor the results.  Yeah, he really did!


The Federalist Papers allude to the “citizen politician”; one who would serve his term and go back home to make an honest living.  How would you like to get a job that assured you of an income for life equal to the highest pay you attained while in that job and that income be guaranteed the moment you were on the payroll?  Or how about a position that placed you above the law?  You could actually exempt yourself from having to obey any law you imposed on the rest of society.  How about having the rest of the population pay to protect you from them no matter how unpopular or tyrannical your actions became.


I have an idea.  It is not a new idea and it certainly isn’t original with me, but it may be an idea whose time has come.


TERM LIMITS!  Stringent term limits.  One term for a senator, three for the house members and two for the president, although that last one may be a bit excessive in some cases.


The other suggestion I have is the voter ID.  We all know of the voter fraud and copious numbers of dead people that voted in the last election.  Again I must refer to Harry Reid.  In each of his elections he has trailed in the polls by significant numbers on Election Day yet he keeps getting elected? (He quit the governor’s office to become senator the first time.)  I wonder if every voter had to prove who they were how he would fare.  Am I accusing his committee of voter fraud?  Nope.  I have no proof.  No Smoking gun.  Just asking a question.


The term limitations would require a popular movement to amend the Constitution.  Somehow I don’t think we could get the elected ones to begin that process.

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  • I have said term limits are a good thing. they passed it right after FDR for a reason, the same should be for them as well. I purpose five terms for congress and two for senate. But I also want senators to be appointed by there state government and be dismissed when there not to the best interests for state just like it used be this way outside money cannot influence states tenth amendments rights. I beg every one to look up some thing congress passed "The American Creed" it was a reminder to congress and the president of 10 amendment also the commerce clause is only for the government to make sure commerce is fare on both sides.

  • We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .
    We The People demand the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .
  • Thanks Dee & Richard: Once again wishful thinking. Term limits, voter ID & all the rest of wants, suggestions & opinions. Who has done anything about any of this? So once again over & over the same old thing meaningless words, empty in nature to avoid what needs to be done. More empty words to hide behind, more empty words that digs the grave of America deeper & deeper, more empty words that digs the graves of our kids & grandkids deeper, more empty words that continue to destroy our Constitution, more empty words that take away our freedomds. More empty words to allow our enemy to grow stronger, 2014 or 2016 election is this what America is waiting for no more words to hide behind. God or Jesus isnt hearing your prayers you sound like clanging brass because America wont repent or turn from our evil ways, dream on America. Corruption on the left & cowards on the right. 1776, 1861 1941= 2013, If you want a country

  • I have been for term limits for a long rime. Some of those in power now can hardly walk and some are falling asleep in their sessions. About time we do it. 

  • Very few politicians become "Statesmen".  Power is intoxicating and in the end will corrupt most who wield it.  Term limits and voter ID laws are the only way to avoid disenfranchising voters and to assure representation which has not forgotten what it was like to just be a "citizen".  God save the United States of America, and give us the courage to do what is correct, not what is expedient.

  • Limit campaigning to 3months b4 election with minimal warchest, say $250,000. If term limits don't work, put them all on commission and quarterly, like former NYC mayor Ed Koch would say,"How am I doing?" the constituents would vote, and the high percentage of yay, he would receive the appropriate amount for the quarter. Might save taxpayers some money...........

  • Yes term limits are necessary for use to rid our political system of career politicians (crooks), and the reason that were now dealing with so many career crooks (politicians) is that we the people have allowed them to stay in power in the first place be reelecting these crooks to office over and over again even when we see that they are failing terribly at doing their jobs, and which many voters continue to do election after election, which I think sadly is that now days a lot of people now vote for the career crooks that promise them the most free goodies and whets best for them and not whets best for the country, and maybe even at this point terms limits won’t stop that from happening.

  • Let me suggest a way to end the DC tyranny and oppression, Take away the money to bribe voters, take away the usurped powers of the Courts and put the Senate back as a selected Representative of the States in the Federal [Central] Government. This will end the power of the Lobbyist and the thousands will simply leave DC on their own. Please visit the site and learn how you can help make this go VIRAL. It is 100% way to restore the States rights and powers to protect the State citizens and have a small weak limited Federal Government and strong unlimited State government to do what the citizens of that State desire. Join us now

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  • Evil always cloaks itself in light.


    These people turned to the dark side.

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