Could this be the way?

Could this be the way?


I lived in Nevada when Harry Reid was first elected to the Governorship of that state.  He was not a bad guy then.  He has changed.  He has become infected with the disease of Power.  Not the power to do good or even the power to do evil, but the power to wield Power.  This one aspect of his life has turned a decent guy into an evil man.  We see this every day with our long term politicians.  Take a look at John McCain:  Graduate of The U.S Naval Academy, Captain in the U.S. Navy, Suffered as a POW, formerly a staunch conservative.  He has served in the US Senate since 1987.  He now suffers from that same disease.  You can see it in his every public comment these days.  I could go on with a litany of both Democrats and Republicans that have ‘served’ in both the house and senate for more than one or two terms and demonstrate the movement toward and the succumbing to the disease of Power.  These people are no longer in office to ‘serve’ but to command.  


BOH said after he was elected the first time (he came to office already infected) that the people should leave governing and governing decisions to the professionals.  They should not concern themselves with the process nor the results.  Yeah, he really did!


The Federalist Papers allude to the “citizen politician”; one who would serve his term and go back home to make an honest living.  How would you like to get a job that assured you of an income for life equal to the highest pay you attained while in that job and that income be guaranteed the moment you were on the payroll?  Or how about a position that placed you above the law?  You could actually exempt yourself from having to obey any law you imposed on the rest of society.  How about having the rest of the population pay to protect you from them no matter how unpopular or tyrannical your actions became.


I have an idea.  It is not a new idea and it certainly isn’t original with me, but it may be an idea whose time has come.


TERM LIMITS!  Stringent term limits.  One term for a senator, three for the house members and two for the president, although that last one may be a bit excessive in some cases.


The other suggestion I have is the voter ID.  We all know of the voter fraud and copious numbers of dead people that voted in the last election.  Again I must refer to Harry Reid.  In each of his elections he has trailed in the polls by significant numbers on Election Day yet he keeps getting elected? (He quit the governor’s office to become senator the first time.)  I wonder if every voter had to prove who they were how he would fare.  Am I accusing his committee of voter fraud?  Nope.  I have no proof.  No Smoking gun.  Just asking a question.


The term limitations would require a popular movement to amend the Constitution.  Somehow I don’t think we could get the elected ones to begin that process.

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  • McCain is one of many tragedies. Once a hero, it is hard to accept that he has left the precepts that made him a hero in days gone by. That was a different John McCain, and I like to remember that old John McCain fondly. I have found that we cannot live on our laurels, but only the character that each of us retains in our hearts.  His defection causes sadness. When the sun seems to no longer shine, and the heroic seems to be a legend of ages past, God Almighty still rules the heavens and the earth.  The day of the wicked is short. God has but to speak the word and it will be as he commands. 

  • i really like and agree with all you said, and i have seen this too especially with McCain, i agree with all the term limits you proposed  ... how do we the "little people" get this to happen..THIS VERY WELL COULD BE THE WAY...

  • Roger, I have no idea what I am being thanked for, but you are certainly welcome!  :)

  • Mr. Feika,

    I'm just as pissed as you are about how the election turned out, however; I take offense to your assumption that virtually no one on this site did anything change it.  How the hell do you know who did what or didn't do?

  • Mr. Feika.  I have done all of the things you allude to plus running, as a conservative, for a ground level public office.  I organize and sponsor town hall meetings and frequently write what I hope are insightful, well thought out articles and blogs.  Your rant is somewhat sickening to the likes of me.

    OH yeah.  I also have a couple of those fancy medals on my old military uniform.  I seldom brag about them because the winning of them was not my idea.

  •  Rand Paul has a TERM LIMIT LAW he is trying to pass through the senate maybe that should be another fillibuster for Rand and his other bill for no lobbist .

  • We have always had the ability to limit terms of elected officials, It's called the ballot box. Citizens gave up that ability generations ago by not instilling in their offspring how important voting and being involved is.

    Another example of that occurred 100 or so years ago when a corrupted government convinced a hand out people that they should determine who their Santa Claus Senators should be instead of the States Legislatures. The 17th Ammendment let voting corruption by the people take more power away from states. As for Representatives...They have to run every two years. The party leaders make the freshmen raise money and keep them in the back ground. If you limit their terms you eliminate the power structure and let them get to the Peoples business.

    Sorry, but there should be a whole bunch of NO benefits for the elected. No health care. You are paid a hamsome salary greater than most of those who sent you there, pay your way. No Retirement. Do the job you were elected to do then go home and work on your retirement under the rules you created.

    As far as getting it to happen, You start with the first paragraph, It's never to late to get friends and family educated and informed the voting. ( It's not fast, but it took a long time to get here.)

    Once you have an educated and informed citizenry the vote. (I believe the informed will make better choices than the uninformed and more informed citizens will vote.)

    As for voter I.D., Picutures we saw from Iraq, after Sadam was gone should lead the way. I've seen it posted already and it's so simple. When you vote you put your finger into a jar of dye that lasts for two or three days before it wears off. You vote once and only once. To prove you can stick your finger in the dye, You prove you are eligible to vote.

    When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1607 they began a journey for freedom they had no idea awaited them. Strangers in Strange land, Not Illegal Aliens because Sovereign National Borders did not exist. The history of these brave people led us up to 1776 and still we were not free just wanted to be. It took us to the decade before 1800 to make that happen. Almost 200 years. We've come just over 200 years now and it's turned back not forward. We were warned, Are we willing to take it back? That's what it will take.

  • The congress has to vote themselves term limits,good luck with that??



    These guys are DRUNK with power!

    They'll RAM anything they feel like to anyone they want!

    Solution - Keep the absolute conservatives, CLEAN SWEEP THE REST!

  • We will never see term limits unless WE THE PEOPLE" put a stop to them and if it takes a constitutional ammendment we open up up for only that reason no other rule will be considered unless aproved before hand by the people

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