Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

It seems like more and more eating healthy foods is causing nothing butmore problems while there's all these eat healthy, eat right movements,it seems as though with every food we eat becoming genetically altered(GMO), that with Vitamins being altered to be filled with contaminantsand coming from China, and Big Pharma becoming more and more greedy formore money plus tax payers dollars under the future Obamacare Socialistprogram, that more of the things we eat, drink, and the air we breatheis becoming more toxic and tainted with chemicals.

Right now I am sick with a very persistent virus that's hard to fight or remove (Iam serious I got sick just 2 days ago), and so I am so angry that I gotthis virus after taking all of these healthy vitamins and then caught asummer cold I decided to type up this article and do some research onwhether others suspected the Big Pharma has tampered with our Vitaminssupplements, and Herbal Supplements.

I took the Goji Berry drink, Vitamin Water, Acai Berry (Although that did make me lose weightwhich was what I wanted), and ate healthy foods at Golden Corral suchas salad and other things. After all that in the middle of very hottemperatures I received a cold which got worse each day. First it wasconstant runny nose and tiredness, and then went straight to headachesand violent coughs.

I even took 3 different cough medicines and nasal decongestants and all three seem to have hardly any positiveeffect on me while I read that one of those medicines have me at riskof Liver damage.

Also last year my mom took multi-vitamins and right after she started taking the most recent kind her lips swelled uplike she was taking some heavy drugs but it wasn't drugs, it wasvitamin supplements. Also when I took the Glymetrolmy health problems started getting worse and I got scammed by it. Nowthanks to Glymetrol my health has worsened and I am now taking pillsfor acid reflux which I never had to take before until after I startedtaking Glymetrol.

This tells you that herbal supplements and vitamin supplements helping the human body, it is becoming the sameresult as pharmaceutical drugs which has permanent side effects, thatinstead of helping and rejuvenating the human body it is now causingmore health problems, and leading us to being even more sick thenbefore plus not to mention bodily suffering.

Also when I did some research theres been reports that Vitamin supplements and herbal supplements have contaminants in them. Also all of this weird stuff with peoplesvitamins started happening right after the FDA started announcing of going to war with the vitamin companies back in 2007.

So why haven't the vitamin companies been shut down after all of thosethreats, maybe there was a better way to go against those using bothalternative medicine and people using natural supplements, and that isby manipulating and contaminating vitamin, herbal, and alternativemedicine supplements.

People of course thinks this has nothing to do with Big Pharma tampering with vitamins that either people aretaking too many supplements or dieting isn't easy and can have thoseeffects but from what I have seen vitamins are getting more and morelike drugs each year and this year the vitamins are really giving meand others I know bad effects.

From all I am finding out right now I am now certain Big Pharma is getting tired of fighting theVitamin and Herbal supplement companies but instead could be investingand/or tampering with the natural supplements to eliminate more chancesto get away from Biug Pharma's toxic medicines.

Also it seems like vitamins these days don't do anything to help with the problems asthey are probably being made in a shady factory of China. My grandmagot her toe broken even though she took vitamins, my mom got her lipsswelled from taking multivitamins from walmart, and I got very sickafter taking not too many but a good amount of vitamin drinks and foods.

Also I have been wondering about cell phone towers and their interferencewith Rife machine and other health frequencies. When I tried goodfrequencies it took forever to start getting some results and then itflat out failed so it makes me wonder if cell phone towers across thecountry are really being put up not just to cause cancer but to alsoblock healing frequencies to further get us dependent on Big PharmaDrugs and vaccinations. As long as they have us all dependent they cankeep us all underf control and make lots of money.

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