Cost of running.... ouch!

My good friends, thank you for keeping Conservative Brain Works alive and kicking! We here at Conservative Brain Works discuss the 2 topics that most people steer from: religion and politics.
Now you know, if you have read any of my posts either here or at the tea party command center, my mindset. You know that I am a constitutionally minded patriot who realizes that we need sweeping and dramatic change in the halls of Washington DC. If I were ever voted into Congress you know that my platform would include: introducing legislation that states Congress may never again vote themselves a raise, further introduce legislation that states Congress may only receive the equivalent percentage raise that they give our military, I would also introduce legislation that states Congress must receive the same healthcare as the rest of America (if they insist on the socialized medicine thing). These and many other ideals are what I would run on, including term limits and the requirement to post any proposed legislation online for 72 hours along with a 2 or 3 page colloquial English synopsis.
But… I cannot run and win on ideals alone. I recently found this article outlining the general cost of what it takes to run for political office.
If I ever do become a congressman (or hey, president would work too) I will donate 50% or more of my income to charity.
I thank you all for your continued support and hope that over the next few years, and election cycles, that at some point we can, as Americans, take control of our country again.

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