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  • Mona, REALLY? It's time for you to look in the mirror at yourself and recognize that the problem is people like you who can't see the Forest through the Trees!

    The problem, Diane and Mona, is the SYSTEM, and the Fight, is against the System, not Americans against Americans!

    I'm not a property owner any longer, I've been unemployed for over a year now and have recently been told that if I don't find a job before June 1st, I'm on my own!

    I've been gainfully employed and a Tax Payer since 1979 and you two females wish to demonize me and take away my rights. So, I ask you, who the hell do you think you are?

    This is why the Liberal, Progressive, Communists of this Country are making such in roads in taking over this country because they have us true Americans now fighting among one another over semantics and not on the real issues.

    I am SO tired of all this wasted rhetoric being spewed through this site. You people are Frauds! Close your Traps and step up and recognize that talk is cheap and totally ineffective when it comes to our way of thinking.

    The only ones believing any thing spoken these days are the weak, uneducated, lazy asses who unfortunately have been brainwashed into believing that they're owed something from those who have busted their asses on a daily basis!

    So don't make enemies out of those who are fighting the same fight, recognize the trees as the forest, which is running interference for the LEFT and start chopping at those that are taking our rights and dreams away!

    The sad thing, is that we're intelligent people who gravely lack commen-sense. I've listened to all the chatter on this site for years now and it's amazing to me how the "The Definition of Insanity" is continually employed here!

    Because that's what all the talking adds up to: Continually talking and expecting different results! My God, wake up people!

    The time for talk passed in this last election!

    Hello! Anyone there?


  • I am a home owner and pay exorbitant property taxes. I also know that a landlord includes in his rentals the cost associated with the upkeep and taxes on his/her property. So the renter is paying some of the taxes in that regard although indirectly.

    I find it rather insulting though that in my state a person collecting SSI, which is a federal welfare program, can access property tax rebates far in excess of those who work and pay taxes on their own homes. That is because the system addresses income and not actual taxes paid in the rebate eligibility. Add to this that only half of a seniors soc. sec. is exempted from consideration in the application for a rebate but all of the SSI money is exempted.

    So, not only is SSI paying to support living expenses for the person but now the states must give that person a property tax rebate even though no actual taxes paid by that individual. And many are living in Sec 8 housing. I see it basically as double dipping with the actual taxpayer being hit over and over again.

  • I would NEVER deny the right to vote to any LEGAL citizen but I can see the need to separate bribery from the ballot box. If one is paying taxes and contributing to the needs of this nation I could less what his/her color or heritage might be.

    What I do find offensive is that those who are living off the efforts and taxes paid by others are being bribed into voting for those who care not for this nation but only in moving more of the nations riches into the pockets of parasites in return for votes. And please do not take what I say as attached to a senior retiree or a person legitimately disabled.

    I am sick and tired of seeing people who claim disability able to sleigh ride with their neighbors and even lift heavy bags into their car parked in a disabled spot at the supermarket, not to mention so many able to work 'under the table'.

    No where in the Constitution does it give the the government the right to take from one person and give their assets to another.

  • So now you, like most of the liberals, feel that you personally have the right to decide on other peoples rights? Well done, you obviously haven't read or didn't understand the Constitution either!

  • So Hispanics, of which I'm one, should not be allowed to vote because they have a conflict of interest because of Obama's plans for amnesty, would that be fair?

    All I see is one more attempt to divide the people. No doubt the person who came up with this inane idea doesn't believe in the Constitution.
  • i wonder what the communist liberal lap dogs in the media would say about this?

  • There is nothing I know of in our Constitution that says anything about picking an choosing.  Someone tell me again what 'unalienable' means?  A famous guy once said, "I feel your pain", and I guess the pain of frustration hurts just as bad and any.  It is frustrating to see idiots vote for their own demise.  Those that voted for the Obama did just that.  This time, they are on their own.  This is the Ant telling the Grasshopper, BUG OFF!  I got guns and know how to use them.  Just call me MeMikeT SR9c.

  • I totally agree. A parasite feeds off the production of others so why would he vote in support of those who produce.

    There are those in need of welfare but it seems we no longer take care of the needy but instead the greedy.

  •     That is one of the most brilliant suggestions I have heard ,  that would be the only way to keep any democracy from voting itself into bankruptcy .

  • That, my dear Cathy, is exactly what needs to happen, but at such a level never recorded before and one that will never be seen again in our life times. It must be SO massive that it can't be ignored, but even more importantly, it MUST be feared!

    Feared to such a degree that immediate change would be the only peaceful solution!

    We'll then see if our active military will stand with the True Citizens of this Country or those who are attempting to Usurp what makes America GREAT!

    If this doesn't happen and happen soon, the Usurpers will not be stopped until the 2nd Civil War of this Country breaks out and more blood is spilled in our backyards!

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