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  • "Liars".We need to start doing some marching of our own in Washington to show our complete distrust of them.  American citizens taxpayers "are being scammed" and our "money squandered" by A-hole politicians in Washington.  "They lied through their teeth about helping middle income and turned right around and went up on payroll taxes, while massive out of control spending continues".

  • An argument can be made that those not on gov't welfare roll should not be allowed to vote as well, those that want welfare can develop a bias against a gov't that doesn't promote "obama money", conflict of interest as well. The solution is in the intent the framers had for The Constitution... Citizenship is for people of good moral character or as John Adams put it "...for Religious and Moral people and wholly inadequate for any other".

  • It would be very hard to weed out the die hard "Takers" from the ones who really need a hand up ..You can't take a citizens voting right away on a one size fits all bill ..

  • Probably a good Idea but the libs would lose all their voters, these "Takers" are what keeps them in power




    A fine sounding policy that will get nowhere as the left has the upper hand and hegemony in the culture, a Sisyphus idea if ever there was one. Keep trying to roll that boulder uphill everyday only to find out it is back at the bottom of the hill tomorrow.


    Maybe you should do something far more effective and ask yourself the question WHY? Why is welfare and all of the entitlement programs necessary to begin with? Why it is inflation! The debauching of the currency over time along with over regulation and legislation. The very programs that the STATE put into place to solve minor transitory problems have now become entrenched and necessary as more people are floundering and trying to survive in a high inflationary economy wrecked by constantly growing artificial resource shortages.


    The Looney left’s doctors come and take the patients temp and then proclaim that the fever is the cause of the disease! All of the problems we see today are caused by rampant competition caused by deregulation! It is up to the conservative to educate themselves and attack this reactionary and revisionist myth by the left all done to protect the long ago refuted labor theory of value. Under this little economic fallacy it can’t be inflation that causes all of the prices to go up, as that would mean that value is not the labor inherent in the product, so the competition theory of the biz cycle was invented by Marx to save the labor theory of value from extinction. Also, riotous competition has to cause all of the booms and busts and the instability in capitalism because of the anarchy of production which will bring on everyone’s eventual immiseration! The theory that inflation, printing of too much money, causes all of that destroys far too many of the theories in the lefts catechism which has to be protected at all costs!


    From Anarchists to Zeitgeisters the lefts catechism must be protected! They avoid valid economics, you as a conservative should embrace it! Destroy their theories and you destroy their foundation. Without inflation, natural deflation would bring down all costs alleviating the need for the welfare state. See Deflation and Liberty by Hulsmann, free pdf online is available.

  • Amen Bill......Some of us do need help from time to time.  It is difficult for a hard worker to ask for help.  Our Pride gets in the way.  So, don't let our vote get in the way also.  I will vote until I die if I have to roll myself into the polls.

  • I've been Unemployed over a year now. I've been told that my E.U. Compensation ends on June 1st of this year. If I don't find decent employment between now and then, I'll be forced into supporting my family by utilizing ANY and ALL Government Entitlement Programs.

    I'll be left with no other choices, I'll have put myself through two Degree Programs (which I'm still paying back) and NO VIABLE signs of Employment anywhere!

    I've held Middle Management Positions for the last 25 years and now I'm being forced at the age of 55 into starting all over.

    Don't tell me I don't deserve a right to vote if I end up on Welfare! STOP Stereotyping Everyone!

  • I agree.  Voting rights are set by the State,  Welfare is distributed by the state even if it entails federsl funds.  Ask a welfare receipt if they will suspend their vote tin exchange for food Stamps SNAP, Welfare, Public, Housing and a free cell phone, they would mostly agree.

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    I don't think that passing a law prohibiting those on the dole from voting would be legal. If it were taken to the USSC, I think they would find it just as onerous as a poll tax. 

    Having said that I think it would be found legal if the states put a condition of eligibility for welfare the voluntary surrender of their voter  registration and a promise not to vote might clear the hurdle.


  • @Eleanor
    Most every citizen, who has a work ethic built into their lives by
    their working parents has needed some sort of financial assistance
    at some point in life.

    I don't do not agree however, that it is the responsibility of the Federal
    Government, through the nations taxes that the help should come,
    but the state in which the person resides should have funding to
    accomadate their citizens.

    I do commend you in using the welfare and NOT abusing the system
    that so many people are doing today. I have heard other stories concerning
    people who filed for Federal Assissance for short period of time in
    order to get back on their feet.

    President Obama is working hard to stifle and growing economy because
    it is his intention to see as many Americans needing government as
    possible in his second term. It is working!
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