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  • Every person in the United States votes with conflict of interest.  LOL So I find this quite amusing.  Most people will vote for the person that in their platform of promises (whether true or false), are going to vote for the person that "says" they are going to do things according to that person's interest.  So stating they can't vote if it is a conflict of interest won't work.  Perhaps a better way to put it would have been only those that are filing taxes because of income may be a better way to put it. If you file income tax then you have worked and therefore should be able to vote for the person you believe would be the best person to represent you.

  • Does being on Government Welfare represent a conflict of interest of their vote?  Sure does, but that's how it works.  I would like to think it doesn't matter.  That people on Government Welfare are desperate to get off of it, but that is not the America of the Obama.  Actually, what slowly America has become is what gave us the Obama.  IMHO, the answer is not to deny a person on Government Welfare their vote, but to somehow get back to the culture of success.  A founding principle of the spirit of America.  Are we still a proud America?   IMHO, voting is more a privilege than a right.  Too many Americans don't value 'privilege' and demand a right.  

  • i agree,.. but it may cause the whole voter rights problems
  • This has been one of my ideas all along.  The only exception should be for those on disability or those who have a real legitimate reason why they can't work.  Also I believe a simple civics test should be required in order to vote.  There are too many ignorant people in this country who are voting for people for the wrong reasons such as they like the way they look and don't know anything about them or what they stand for.

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