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  • I worked all my life from the time I was 16.  I raised three children and supported a very ill husband.  I thought everything was going to be great in retirement.  Not so.  I lost two homes and am in the process now of maybe loosing my primary home.  My husband died 5 years ago and with him went his military retirement (which at present I am still fighting to get reinstated). The government finds any excuse to blame his death on anything other than his military injury.  I am doing my best, but I got to tell you, I may have to apply for food stamps.  It will be very hard for me to do so.  There are some of us here who are struggling more than we ever thought we would.  I feel sorry for families whose husband has lost his job and they are struggling while he tries to find new employment  No, if anything, I think most of us who know what hard work is and what this president has brought upon us, NEED to vote.  

  • not everybody recieving benefits are Ovomit lovers and still use their brain to think about the bigger picture! My husband is on disabliity- we were told what a hard fight it would be to get him on- and we were told the judge doesn't give his judgement then and there, you would recieve a letter later telling of his judgement. The judge took one look at my husband, asked him afew questions, and said on the spot he was ruling for him to recieve it. Some people have legitimate disablitites... so you can't group everyone into one deabead group who should lose their right to vote. Come on people- your starting to sound like the commies, taking peoples rights away! 

  • You know lumping one group of people into a pile is just what the liberal do.  As other have said there are those who believe they are entitled and those who thank God that is has been available.  I have work since the day after I graduated high school until February of this year.  Some good job, some not so good, however I worked.  Now I have lost half a foot and three digits on the other so standing is no long an opposition, walking is oft time hard.  I applied for SSA and was told that I had to go through SSI first.  So why should I not be allowed to vote because I am waiting for the money I paid into SSA.  Think people.  Voting is the one thing that stands for liberty and freedom.  

  • Let me explain something to you guys!  About 12 yrs ago, I had heel spurs that had gotten so bad I could hardly walk. I lost my job (standing at the check-in at a casino hotel at Tahoe), had no ins. Went to welfare, got in to see ortho IMMEDIATELY,  got on Medi-Cal and food stamps, 50% for rent (I had a house-mate.).  Had surgery on the 1st one immediately, 2nd one 6 wks later. Was cleared for work 8 weeks later.  Got a job. So low paying they continued to assist on rent, food stamps, MediCal.  I was in my early 60's, and NEEDED to have SOME medical for pap, mammogram, etc.  Got married to Bruce, food stamps and SOME of the rent help stopped.

    The heel spurs were SO BAD they were barely able to save the Achilles tendons.

    Mind you, all this was based on THEIR much THEY said I needed to live on, the fact that we were in a house that was NOT high priced on the rent, and all states have parameters that you fall into for need. 

    We DID have an election in there as I remember doing precinct phoning with my legs on the coffee table.  Cal. has a much more lenient set of rules for getting "Absentee Ballot". Thank God. I hae NEVER missed an election, and I did not miss these. 

    So you see, having heel spurs did NOT deminish my working ability, or the function of my mind, or to attract and marry an incredible Viet Nam Vet.  Once "fixed" I was as good as new. We moved to near my son in the bay area. Bruce went on T.S.A. thru the V.A. and I went to work for my son & his partner (they sold for Herff-Jones (graduation rings, etc.) and I was office manager.  No more NEED for WELFARE!!!

    So there you have it.  It took me 60+ years to need it, 1 1/2 yrs to use it, I am thankful for it, but it would never be my "way of life". 

    There ARE familioes who have been on "WELFARE" for GENERATIONS!!!  HOW WE CHANGE THE MIND SET OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL TAKE THE ENTIRE PSYCHOLOGY STAFF OF A DOZEN UNIVERSITIES!  These are sick people.  They are, BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALLOWED IT,  of  low intelligence and even lower ambition.  The area where we lived was 95% caucasion. Any time I was in an office the folks waiting were maybe 10% white, 20% Latino, most of the rest black.  Only an occasional Oriental or polynesian.

    I know I was very glad to be back on my feet (LITERALLY!!) and doing my work and housekeeping.  How you instill this attitude?  I wish I had a clue.

  • Give me back the money that they took at gun point for social security and medicare and consider the problem solved! Otherwise don't consider giving me back MY money as welfare.


  • Conflict of interest, is a very interesting concept but you need to be very careful with the idea of taking any citizens right to vote away from them because it is the same as taking away your right to keep and bear arms. Do we or any one else have that right to deny some one else their rights? Think long and hard about this one. If you do this you are in effect no better than the people trying to strip you of your rights. 

  • There is a definite need to educate our children and grand children to the facts of the matter and bring them all up to speed and get them involved in this struggle it is their future that we are all talking about. I may or may not live to see all of my personal rights abolished but they most certainly will

  • Thanks Dee & Robert: Sounds good upfront however a one line statement doesnt explain anything. Someone stated we do have a Constitution, We The People do have Constitutional laws. Not only this once again cart before the horse. Again someone replied revolt yes it appears a war in coming. We The People need to take our country back, We The People are the govt, which all the politicians have forgot. The White House blongs to We The People, Congress is ours The Supreme Court is ours, All fed agencies is ours We The People, the feds work for us. All feds have committed TREASON & TYRANNY all feds have become TRAITORS all feds are domestic TERRORISTS. We The People must take back our country our America our Republic. Theres mostly an older group of loyal Americans here with this Tea Party-again this fight is for our kids & grandkids future freedoms & liberties. What did our forefathers do are we going to do less, allow our kids & grandkids to become slaves the the New Word Order slaves to the whores of the UN, Im standing Im fighting. God Bless & Long Live The Tea Party & America

  • I would also include the illegal immigration group.  While it is not legal in the terms of reality, no checks exist that adequately secure states voting laws.  This is the primary reason why the dems turn a blind eye on this issue.

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