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  • There would hardly be anyone left to vote, if that proposition were adopted. Members of Political Party's  certainly fall into "Conflict of Interest" category, ALL members of Congress, the Judiciary, and the  military are forced to follow the rules and laws imposed upon them, therefore creating another "Conflict of Interest" situation. I'm in favor of doing away with all Party affiliation and only have people who are experts in their fields of endeaver run for political offices, with a strict rule of "Term Limits"  for everyone including the "Supreme Court". Rules must be established that would hold any politician found guilty of corruption by an "impartial" Court, pay severe penalties including time in a Federal Prison for a term incidental to the crimes committed. Politicians should obey the same Laws that affect the "PEOPLE" with no exeptions. The "Body Politic" has become so corrupt( at all levels), drastic measures must be taken to "PURGE" the entire cesspool of political sewage. National and International Politics ( hand-in-hand with Big Business, Unions, Globalists, Wall Street and other entities) has been the major cause of the current dismal economy that has affected the "PEOPLE" around the world, while the "Fat Cats" are absolved from the same misery as the common folk. Meanwhile, to divorce themselves from blame, Republicans and Democrats keep pointing the finger at one another hoping to convince the "PEOPLE" the problem is limited to mere "political obstructionism". It's much worse than that. It is the carefully crafted destruction of the United States Constitution", Liberty and Freedon that we have enjoyed these 236 years. It';s time to "Cull the Herd" !!!!

  • Is it a pitfall, when some one like myself, who has worked his entire life and paid into the system and then had to fight the same system, the one and only time in my life that I have ever needed help, due to the fact that I am currently unemployed, due also to the fact that our own government and the big banks have done everything they possibly could to take my savings, my retirement and now my job. That Because of these circumstances way beyond my control that you feel justified to take away my right to vote for something or someone better? You obviously don't understand the Constitution!

  • That is a pitfall of democracy. 

  • I thought this would be great before and then the cold reality of the constitution came into my thinking and I kinda wondered if we denied the right of any American to vote then how would we be any differant than the libtards whom are tring to take our rights away. Like it or not the constitution also protects them on the government tit and we must honor that protection.

  • Especially those who have long-time ties to public employees unions, teachers, etc.  They have proven time and again their willingness to destroiy the rest of us for their own selfish, economic gains.  The public employees unions are some of the most destructive forces in America today and should be stopped.  Their minion/members should not be voting.

  • Any government employees should be bannned from voting.  Cops, firemen, anyone past, present or future who is employed by the government cannot be considered impartial.

  • Yes I agree. Maybe we should go back to having to own land to vote.

    I don't think this tyranny is going away with out a arm revolt.

  • As long as you don't include retirees in that, people who have worked all of their lives, and limit it to the moocher class, works for me.

  • If someone is down and out enough to require government support then they are clearly, NOT qualified to vote for ANYTHING.  Obviously, their judgement is impaired.  And, since they will most certainty vote only for the candidates who offer them the most money, they are clearly selling their vote to the highest bidder.  isn't it illegal to buy votes?

  • It might be easier to enforce mandatory drug testing, capping the amount of welfare after having a certain number of kids, or having to prove you are making an attempt to get off welfare.  Oh, wait, we can't do that.  It just would not be fair to those people, and if they believe they are not being treated fairly, they may not vote the way they should to keep someone in office.  Silly me, I thought this was still America.  I keep forgetting this is now obamaworld. 

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