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Dear Congressman,
I have memory problems as well as suffering from PTSD and Depression.  It is very hard for me too keep up with issues and problems I have encountered with the VA.  I forget paperwork and now I have a real problem with transportation.  I can no longer cut my own grass or do many other things.  I know part of not getting things and health care is my own fault - but I just cannot help forgetting or the circumstances I am in now.  I don't get benefits because I just forget.  That's not all, my health care providers forget even more than I do.  So far, none have bothered to read my medical records before I see them.  I get asked the same questions over and over again.  One question, "Why are you in a wheelchair?" is starting to bother me considerably.  If they read my records they would know that I went to Houston every year to the spinal cord clinic and I'm listed as a Spinal Cord patient.  Even the folks in Physical therapy / Prosthetics said spinal cord patient was NOT in my records and that is why I am not getting certain benefits.  I asked for a copy of my medical records but received an incomplete file - only the digital (and greatly abbreviated) version.  My physical, written medical record, contains everything, all the documentation, needed to support my requests for benefits and care.  I get treated like I am after something, like money or something, at every visit.  I have to play twenty questions and it is more like interrogation than anything.  I'm treated with suspicion and many times have been essentially called a liar.  If they would only read my records!  I'm not after anything, I have been 100% service connected since 2003.  I just want and need some of the benefits I am authorized.  My home has never been modified.  My vehicle has never been modified.  I have been in a wheelchair for over 12 years with spinal and joint conditions that have continually degraded - yet I'm asked why I'm in a wheelchair and treated like I'm trying to rob the VA or cheat someone out of something.  I do not deserve to be treated with suspicion or even cold indifference. The health care system spends more time finding excuses for not providing my benefits that they ever have attempting to provide them.  They go way out of their way to disprove or deny my requests.  I'm a disabled combat veteran that is treated like I am stupid, a liar, gold-digger, or burden to them. 
I understand people are afraid and make decisions based on fear, but in the case of verterans we should at least be given the benefit of a doubt.  I am so tired of my character being attacked and treated like a con man.  My medical records speak for themselves.  I need real health care, help, and some respect as a veteran and as a Christian man.  I do not need to be lectured by a physician, or for someone to shake their finger in my face or tell e that the VA never did this or that for me =when I am in the physical evidence.  yes, I was told that the VA did not give me the wheelchair I was sitting in.  I was just recently, just a few weeks ago, placed in the spinal cord clinic here at Biloxi VA.  I was dropped from the pain management clinic and have yet to even see the spinal cord doctor.  I no longer go to Houston because they stopped paying travel pay.  I cannot afford to provide my own transportation to and from Houston, so I don't get to go to the spinal cord clinic there anymore.  I still want copies of my physical, written record.  I also want someone to do something!!!  I'm so tired of splitting hairs, red tape, and excuses.  I'm tired of being put off and dismissed without any just cause.  I do not want to be criticized, treated like a suspect in a murder case, or have to play 20 questions every time I see someone at the VA. 
Why can I NOT be treated as a patient that need care?  Why does everything have to be a battle?  Is the medical community suppose o treat folks like liars and con men, put off their medical care, and provide endless excuses for not providing help.  Have the laws become so restrictive that folks can no longer do anything without fear?  Is "legal" now more important that "right" or liability more important than responsibility? 
Do I deserve health care or am I just lucky they feel like doing things sometime?  Do I have to stroke their egos or offer a bribe before I get treated with respect and the caring the medical community is suppose to provide.  How much longer must I endue being rebuffed, chastised, and lectured to like I am a child - and so very lucky they will even see me for any type of care.  I need the help of your office and the understanding that I have medical problems, memory problems, and severe bouts with depression.  I have times when I don't care about anything, want anything, or want to do anything.  My treatment at the VA is just making things worse every time I get scorned or treated like a criminal or it is hinted that I am a liar - or even told that I am.  I have never tried to defraud or be dishonest in any way.  I am told that is why I don't get proper care because I am honest.  Many veterans have tried to get me to lie or just not be honest about things. Many have told me to be the squeaky wheel and go in every week, to pester them until they give in.  I don't work that way. I will not lie to them nor will I be dishonest. I have just let things roll off my back for many years, settling (like a dog) for the care and help they feel like giving to me - care that I have to earn at every appointment.  Am I suppose to thank them every visit for their benevolence and sacrifice for taking the time to see me?  Red tape does not stop pain, help with difficult circumstances, or provide any of the things I need as a wheelchair user and spinal cord patient with Degenerative joint disease, arthritis, and several other debilitating medical conditions.  If I am not pleased with the treatment I receive and register my complaints ( being honest) I just get treated worse.  How long must I have my character attacked, my intelligence insulted, and my wife treated like a second class citizen.  Yes, that is another matter...

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