Contested Election Petition FILED IN U.S. Supreme Court- See What's Happening!

he Petition for Rehearing the Writ of Certiorari has been mailed and emailed to the United States Supreme Court today- Nov. 13,2012. This Petition to the United States Supreme Court is Judy v. Obama Case No. 12-5276 and it is contesting the eligibility of Barack Obama's qualifications as a candidate for President of the United States by myself as a candidate also for the same office.

See the documents here:


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    @Ronald A. Nelson Col. USA (Ret)

      Thank you for the time you put in as a response. I really do appreciate that. I have to say Col. your response may be wrong, of course perhaps your betting on the odds, or prophesying, or predicting, whatever you want to call it, but because you are who you are, there can be an amazing amount of people who decide NOT to support this effort. So I have to point out where your wrong. With all  due respect Sir your "Thanks" seems insincere and most thanks are when the following word is "But..".

    1st paragraph -

    Precedent for the court is MINOR V. HAPPERSETT on Natural Born Citizen if you respect Larry Klayman as an attorney- born in the U.S. to Citizen parents. The Supreme Court has never ruled formally against that. By the way.. Congress is the Legislative Branch of our Government has has repeatedly thrown down the gauntlet in what we would call a Legislative Mandate to uphold that natural born citizen clause. Some 20 attempts in the past to change it have failed. That gives the Judicial Branch a duty to uphold it or call it 'unconstitutional' as indicated in the doc here. Did you read it by chance? If you did you would be 1 of 82 people and 1 of 536 of the second one.

    1- http://www.scribd.com/doc/113046270/Judy-v-Obama-12-5276-Petition-fo...

    2- http://www.scribd.com/doc/100156244/Judy-v-Obama-Petition-for-Writ-...

    Your Second paragraph - 

    "It would be better if I sued Congress"  What? Whose going to be the Judge between me and Congress? Someone in the Judicial Branch? Yes.. so we're back to what I'm doing in the same Court basically. Of course if you read the document then you'd know the Secretary of State of Georgia is included. You'd also know that this eligibility challenge started at the lowest level in the State of New Hamshire and worked its way up to the State Supreme Court. Then I  went down to Georgia and started in the lowest level Administrative Court where I finally received a opinion from  a judge that basically stated the Natural Born citizen clause didn't apply anymore and the 14th amendment had superseded it violating constitutional construction holdings.

    You would know that has NEVER happened before, so that a lower court decision could actually be taken to the higher courts without the issue of 'standing' being the reason for the lower court dismissals.

    So your second paragraph is not 'wrong' its just about 10 months behind me, and what's taking place with this suit. In all of the law suits there has never been an active Presidential Candidate who made it to the United States Supreme Court..never. "Standing' is a serious legal issue and must be adhered to I agree, but when Obama's attorney's acknowledge a Presidential Candidate has standing, (along with the 10 Circuit saying from 2011 in the eligibility challenge of 2008 in Keyes (Barnett) v. Obama saying that it must be 'active' , hence my declaration in 2008 2012 and 2016, you'll note the commercial is the first 2016 Pres. Commercial), then you'd acknowledge this case is unique and has at the very least avoided the mistakes of 2008 cases against Obama and most of the 2012 cases on his eligibility. "Competitive standing" separated eligibility cases of Citizens and a presidential candidate.

    Your 3rd paragraph

    "All the above has been tried before without effective results.." If my case fails I'll give you that, however lets put your perspective into a military setting. If you'd tried to take a hill from both sides and the front with 3 battalions, what idiot would say when the President asked, "Is there any thing that hasn't been tried yet?", No, its all been tried without effective results?  

    President: " Well have you tried 4 battalions from every angle? ", "No Sir, we haven't actually tried that, we were sure stupid not to have thought to at least give that a try."

    Well, anyway that's how your lack of support makes me feel on this Col. Nelson. You know Mitt Romney gave it a shot from all the 'normal' procedures. He was a good businessman in a troubled economy, but he wanted to play "win the Presidency" without challenging the fundamental Achilles heel of Obama. His eligibility. That's like, let's fight this fight and allow the D's to tie one arm behind our back because we don't have much faith in the Constitution either.

     Now the eligibility stand this Tea Party Group took has above all others focused on and accepted has treated my news and case like dirt. Not one post has been sent out by the Directors to the massive list of subscribers...Not one.


    Is that because those responsible for updating the members on serious issues, like you didn't believe this was a viable option, or because they were such huge Mitt Romney fans that they became blind to the core of the Constitution the same way Obama would like everyone to be?

    I'm not sure both are not true to some extent. What I do know though is IF you have been involved on the eligibility issue like I have from the time I have, which was the beginning in 2008, then you would know with good sense what every court had ruled on every case and for what reasons, and then you would know that my case is 'unique'.

    If there is an issue with my case that worries me most its about the Court sweeping my case under the carpet because it doesn't even have the support of the people who are suppose to be supporting it...The Birthers.. the Tea Party... people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh..Conservatives.

    You know the only problem I see with your logic Col. Nelson is every time you come up with a good idea, you never have to worry about someone else shooting it down.. because you do it yourself.

    But.. thanks for the comment Sir.

    One more thing, I was the only candidate in 2008 who went to bat for Lt. Col Terry Lakin who lost his retirement after 5 tours as a surgeon. I wrote an Amicus Curiae for his Military Trial.


    I hope I haven't offended you Sir, or your ability to want to help, and get behind this effort by my direct confrontation of the issues you brought to me.

    Sincerely Yours in the love of our Country & Constitution

    Cody Robert Judy

    Where is the Tea Party & Conservatives now on Obama's Eligibility?
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  • Thanks... but the US Supreme Court will refuse to hear your case indicating that this matter as already been decided by others.  By the way... it is Congress that has the Constitutional duty to vet the president for his Constitutional eligibility not the Courts.

    It would be better if you sued Congress.. naming the Speaker and President pro-tem as the main defendants for failing to properly vet the President.  You might also file suite in every State with the States... Sec. of State... naming the State and the Secretary of State as failing to properly certify Obama as an eligible candidate for President... Most State's voting laws, require that the Secretary of State take reasonable steps to vet all candidates for their qualifications before being placed on their ballots.

    Enough said... all of the above has been tried before and without any effective results... that leaves very little option to the public... they can either roll over, allowing their vote to be corrupted by voter and election fraud OR... they could assemble in mass in every State Capitol to demand that the government resign subject to new elections... peaceably, assembling... 10's of millions, shutting down the economy and government until they act to resign... pass a 'Term Limits' amendment denying any elected, serving or past official from ever holding public office anywhere again.  But that's not going to happen because the people are simply too lazy... or fearful of loosing their jobs.  Wait until the dollar collapses and hyper inflation sets in... there wages will be unable to keep them from starving and being evicted from their homes... it is past time to act in unity... too, demand that both the State and Federal Governments resign subject to new elections.

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