4063637364?profile=originalWord on the political street from GOP consultants and the Left is that Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party cost Romney the election. We Conservatives are advised to “moderate our tone” and back away from our “extremist ideas”.

So let me make sure I understand. Obama and company were allowed to go for the jugular, using false narratives (lies), to win votes. They said Romney hates dogs, blacks, women and the poor. Heck, they even threw in the absurd accusation that Romney was responsible for the death of a working man's wife. Check and mate. Game over. Obama won. Did anyone suggest Team Obama “moderate their tone”?

But, when Rush Limbaugh exposed and the Tea Party rejected Obama's socialistic agenda, Team Obama, which includes the mainstream media, called us “racists”. When we express our Biblical belief that marriage should remain defined as between one man and one woman, we were called “extremist”. And when did it become extreme to believe it immoral to deny medical assistance to babies that survive abortions?

And for the record, once and for all, Conservatives do not care what consenting adults do in their bedrooms. All we ask is that we not be forced to fund it or be mandated to say that it is, “OK and normal”.

Unfortunately, since Romney lost, GOP consultants have joined the chorus of folks on the Left calling for Conservatives to back away from our core beliefs and go-along to get-along with Obama. They claim that this is what younger non-whites and women voters want.

I say, “Hogwash!” Younger, non-white and women voters are clueless about Obama's destruction of America, the virtues of Conservatism and why Liberalism sucks!

We did not lose because America has become a nation of idiots expecting a free Obama-phone. We lost because Republicans did a horrible job getting the truth to the masses. Soylent Green is people! Conservatism is best for everyone – period!!!

Folks, the bottom line is that the Tea Party chose to oppose Obama's socialistic transformation of America from a character driven place of decency, truth, respect for the law, and patriotism. Behaving as the Chicago thug politician that he is, Obama came to D.C. committed to implementing his agenda by any characterless despicable means necessary. In essence, Obama came to the gunfight armed-to-the-teeth with guns. The Tea Party brought political knives.

In partnership with their bullies in the MSM, Team Obama successfully spread one lie after another.

Here's a prime example: A white caller on a national radio program said his black friend was petrified to attend a Tea Party rally. Team Obama had him convinced that the Tea Party is the modern version of the KKK. Remember when the Congressional Black Caucus said the Tea Party wants blacks hung from trees? A shameful outrageous hate-inspiring lie – but no rebuke from the MSM suggesting that the Dems “moderate their tone”.

Apparently, to the MSM, I am an invisible black man. Since Obama took office, I have been a high profile figure at several hundred Tea Party rallies and events. For crying out loud, I even wrote the “American Tea Party Anthem”. Still, for the most part, the MSM have done everything in their power to keep minorities in the movement non-existent.

That scared black guy did eventually attend a Tea Party with his white friend. He was surprised to be treated with respect as an equal rather than a victim in need of assistance, which was the “tone” of the Democrat rallies he attended.

And another thing: since the election, everyone is saying that more Americans than ever love Obama and agree with his agenda. Well then, how do you explain 9 million folks who voted for him in 2008 staying home this time? http://spectator.org/archives/2012/11/09/mccain-beats-romney One could conclude that the bloom is somewhat off the rare black rose.

Did you know that 3 million Republicans who voted for McCain decided to pass on this election? Could it be because Romney was not conservative enough?

Still, all the big-brain consultants say the Tea Party was too aggressive and that Limbaugh needs to shut up if we are to win over youths, non-whites and women.

Well, I am just crazy enough to believe that common sense will cause a majority, regardless of race or gender, to embrace Conservatism...when they're given the truth.

Still, Conservatives are called the aggressors. We are not. The left, Obama and company, are the true aggressors forcing their culture, agenda and lifestyles down our throats.

Despite our consultants advising conservatives adopt a new liberal Democrat-lite mind-set, I believe it is time to educate America to the virtues of true Conservatism.

In the simplest terms, Liberalism, offered by Obama equals government dependency, mediocrity, bitterness and low self esteem. Conservatism equals true compassion, striving for excellence, dignity and pride which is the true “American Way”!

For the past four years, we Conservatives brought political knives to the gunfight with Obama. While we know Team Obama will upgrade to machine guns, our consultants further advise that we drop our political knives and brings sporks.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American




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  •  How much of a chance in 2016  who knows but my ideal seems to e Ron Paul and Newt to balance Ron Paul out ? Would be a good Tea Party survey         WHO in 2016 ?  I'm sticking with my pick Ron Paul & Newt Ginrich in 2016 .

  •  We could also nominate Lloyd Marcus as a vice,look at how much effort he put up in this election and he was not even running !!!! THAT is called dedication ,thank you Lloyd.

  •   What if they run with the other CRIMINAL HELLary or worse yet Moochel for pres,how about any of these in either of the two positions,some would get the uneducated vote of those who only vote on race too,Ron Paul,Rand Paul,Marco Rubio,Sarah Palin ,Michelle Backmann,Ted CRuz, Newt Gynrich, Allen West,

  •  Ron Paul pres, Allen West vice ,would have stolen the black vote from O'craphead.  need to start thinking for 2014-2016,he who fails to plan FAILS.

  • IF I ONLY HAD MONEY; I WOULD SOMEHOW BRING TOGETHER ALL THE PEOPLE RECOGNIZED IN THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT...BUT I DO NOT!  MY VOICE HAS SHOUTED BUT HAS NOT BEEN HEARD...So Lloyd how do people learn to understand how ignorant they have been and get them sorted out?  There is mail that comes by the bushels in our boxes all the time yet  they are not reading it, there is the internet with all sorts of sites that they must not ever find or go on and there are phone calls that are blocked by answering machines because they do not want them coming in to their homes by the dozens day after day????  SO how do they get educated without disaster having to happen first before they 'get it'!! ???   What sites are the ones we need to target and get the info on...how can we who want to fight for America do so and reach them and where is there a leader or group of leaders to pull the Conservative Party together for the very saving of America?  It must be a serious plan and a group that others will take seriously; a movement that will not stop!!  Thus where is someone with money that will help this all happen and keep us going forward to take back our nation??????      .

  •   I havenot met a Tea Partier I din't like. we meet we find a common groud {bad mouth O'vomit }we get along just fine. So whats the problem TOO MUCH MODERATION is the problem ,If Ron Paul had been allowed by the mainstream RINOS to run they would not have sold out our country  Manipulation at the primaries & Republican Convention., and Ron Paul  {in a fair election } WOULD HAVE BEATEN o'VOMIT AND MADE THE ,BEST PRESIDENT EVER ,

  • Here we sit -all broken hearted paid our $$$ and onlt f%$^ted!!!! It is past time to stop the whining....

    We as a nation have abandoned our roots and the chickens have come back to roost!!!

    IMHO  - 1) We as a nation MUST return God to His place as our supreme ruler, repent of our disavowing of His predominance over the affairs of our nation.  

    2) Seek out and elect men &/or women that fear God - they DO NOT have to be a specific religious persuasion, only that they fear God - Chuck Baldwin addressed this issue and it would incumbent for ALL of us to hear what he has to say on the issue and then PURSUE these types of people for elected offices.   http://libertyfellowshipmt.com/News/tabid/56/ID/10/He-That-Ruleth-O...

    Semper Fi!

  • God Bless America.  As a conservative-even that remark could be considered extremist since I used the name of God in my statement.  Conservatives are not the hateful ones, watch MSNBC and Chris baby for true bias and hate throwing or Bill Mahr.  Conservatives need to stand tall and be accounted for- we need the Tea Party and no we are not going to water down our principles so we can be part of the takers.  Conservatives I believe are true God fearing people who believe in the sanctity of human life from conception(allowing for sincere problems with mother;s or potential life issue with baby, rape, or incest and do not wish to fund it) to natural death, the Bill of Rights with the right to freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to not have a homosexual agenda shoved into our faces when we consider it an issue of immorality.

    I think the common folk as one writer put it also need to become more active to show we are just not a silent maority anymore.  We are divergent group with differing priorities however, I do believe we are for God, country and care for fellow man.  It is not just Demo's that contribute highly to major and minor charities and disaster areas.

    Why are we actually so silent?  Is it time for us to get out of our houses and form a denonstration for the consevative viepoint- a prayer vigil on the streets of DC or one that people could attend in the own city, state to show true support for our beliefs.

    We talk about 2014- in the meantime, Obama is using executive orders like never before, firing 20,000 Marines, and relieving, of command, Generals who do not agree wit him.



  • What a differece it would be if machines weren't rigged and People could only Vote with picture I.D.!!!! Romney would be our President !!! instead of Mr. Nightmare !!!

    FYI-'World net daily' sent money to 'Obama's' campaign clearly labeled from a variety of foreign Country's and his campaign accepted everyone which is illegal. Such as 'Osama Bin Laden'-Pakistan, $2000.00. WND said they will probably get the money back but thats about it. With Dems the ends justify the means !!!!!

  • You nailed it Lloyd.  We all have to stick together.  I still remember how hopeless it seemed after Obama was elected in 2008.  I watched as Tony Santini called for another Boston Tea Party and received applause from the other traders at the Chicago Stock Exchange.  I was more encouraged when Glenn Beck came to the forefront promoting the 9-12 Project and local TEA Party groups sprang up.  My first was in April 2009.  After that my family and I attended the TEA Party march in Washington D.C.  When we returned home, I was more encouraged than I had been in years.  Having been surrounded with so many decent, like minded, patriotic Americans, I knew we could overcome anything.  

    You know we were doing something right because I've never seen a group of people so denigrated by the press and the media left.  We really do have them scared.  They wish we would go away, but we won't!

    Hang in there brother, this is the fire we have to go through to temper our steely resolve.

    God Bless You All!

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