Constitutional Convention

I have told many people, "One doesn't have to have a friend in order to be one.". 

Too bad Pres. Obama doesn't understand this.  He definitely has not been a friend to this nation.

Have you ever heard of "Constitutional Convention"?  Most people haven't but most people have heard about "Prohibition" and that it was over turned.  "Constitutional Convention" was responsible for this and it was the only and last time "Constitutional Convention" has ever been used.

One method the U.S. Congress uses to pass laws is through  "Joint Resolution" .

This joint resolution "must" be submitted to the floor of the "Senate" or the "House", from a committee "or" through"Constitutional Convention".

Constitutional Convention is a direct path that, "We The People" rarely use to influence the laws or over turn Laws made on Capital Hill by amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  For example, as mentioned before, the last time Constitutional Convention was used was to over turn "prohibition".  Though the U.S. congress takes credit for over turning Prohibition, it was actually the collective efforts of the people that did it. This power of the people is a well kept secret for a reason and I know you can guess why.

Constitution Convention is the authority platform of the people in which "We The People" can require and force U.S. Congress to put forth a joint resolution for a vote and amend the U.S. Constitution to enact or overturn any law of the land and the President is powerless to "Veto" it.

Even as you read this email, a propositon for a "joint resolution" to amend the U.S. constitution to define marriage to be the union of one man and one woman has remained stagnated, unrecognized and unapproved by the House Judicial Committee for over a year and half.  It was submitted approximately April of 2010 and in November 2010 the first indications of over turning the Defense of Marriage Act(DOMA) was announced.  The House Judiciary Committee is controlled by Liberal Democrats.

A Constitutional Convention, which is the collective proclamation and efforts of two thirds of all state legislatures, would force the "House Judicial Committee" to put forth a joint resolution concerning an amendment to the U.S. constitution to be voted on defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  This is just one example of the untold scope of authority "We The People" actually do have and must find a way to excericse if this country is to prevent a continual decline of morality,traditional values,true equality and prosperity for "all" people

With your help of forwarding this to your friends and a collective effort from the Tea Party grass roots, "We The People" can once again,declare freedom from tryranny.

Please forward this to all regions Tea Party Commanders for consideration.

Thank you.

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