Constitutional Convention

The time has come for the states to call a constitutional convention. Obama is a communist dictator. Congress has surrendered its legislative authority. The chief justice of the supreme court is a puppet. The founders provided a way out in the event our government became corrupt. That time has arrived. What used to be our constitution states that the government derives its power from the governed. That is no longer the case. The government in place is not a constitutional government. It is time for the states to convene and form a new government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I suspect this post will land me in one of the 600 federal detention centers. So be it. We must take a stand.

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  • Absolutely my fellow Patriot. This POTUS gets this nation all up in a tyrate because he has a Sperm Donor for a daddy, who quite possibly Shot JFK. He (or more appropriately "IT") is nothing more than a fricken TestTube baby, birthed from a Flask in a Medical Lab in Hawaii. Law states any "thing" not birthed from the womb of a Host Mother (man nor animal) shall receive a certificate of Live Birth.

    He is not the Antichrist, he's worse. Mussle'm. And that's what we do with a Rabid Dog. Same as what should be done with Street Gangs, Illegal Immigrants, Congress, and Supreme Court Justices.

    The word "FEDERAL" was never scripted upon nor within the context of our Constitution nor its Bill of Rights. Federal has enveloped any thing, reason, cause, or entity which has the MAJOR Funding to pay the entry Fee into their Elite Clubhouse of a Superior Americana.

    The Fed Killed: The Mafia, Unions, Detroit, Domestic Jobs, Mom and Pop Shops, Churches, homes and families, schools, and our unborn children.

    Now, the Mafia is within the minds of every City and Metro area in this nation insider Politics. Home Owners Association Politics, Religion, and Families is the normal business. Mega Walmarts, Churches, and Corporations rule the day, making biblically based men in America look like foolish gut eating Sinners on the entire face of this country, our families, and our children. Witchcraft and evil video games babysit our childrens minds and heart.

    We have become an out of control nation of Chaotic, Heinous, terrorists in our own right of no right.

    They have created this mess, and only we, as The People can and should right this wrong.

    But, we need our Armed Forces and their resources to defend ourselves from this manmade Beast.

    This is what they are afraid of, and the main reason our Troops are off this mainland under POTUS mandate, for the sake of Oil and India'n Gold reserves.

    The days of the NUKE are over. Yet, they're Detonating them in Space on the Use it or Lose it Project.

    By the time they say: Ooops! It will be too late. It's coming, just a matter of time.

    Hang in there my friend. Like Penicillin, it always gets worse before it gets better. Smile BIG!

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