Conservatives backing Romney

How can any Conservative really back Mitt Romney with his record, why are conservatives turning their backs on principle. His record as a Mass. Govenor speaks loud and clear that Romney isn't a conservative, so why are so many conservatives selling out.


Romney can't win the general election and it isn't going to take rocket science to figure out why. Romney gives up the biggest fight in the general election which is Obamacare / Romneycare and his job creation record isn't4063482577?profile=original the greatest and when is the last time you actually heard a plan of Mitt Romney as to how he is actually going to put people back to work. This Romney has flip flop on every major issue their is and do conservatives really believe that the america voter is going to let this guy run our country when he can't take a stance on anything without changing his mind for votes, if conservatives can't tell that this guy is a liberal moderate then I would have to question if your a conservative in the first place.


As to whom I back in the GOP Primary, so people have issues with him but I can tell you this much when I close my eyes at night I know this guy is a conservative and holds conservative values in his heart, unlike Romney who is the biggest fraud I have ever seen trying to run as a conservative. The bottom line here and everyone can hold me to this, there is no way in hell that Romney will win the general election. If every conservative held the same principle conservative values then there isn't any question that conservatives would back Santorum or Gingrich.


Romney Can't and will not win the general election, my opinon is that we need a third party conservative if that is what the grassroots conservative needs to do, then I will do everything I can to see that we have a conservative running for President of the United States of America, God, family and country!!

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