Before you read this…KNOW that it is sarcasm! This is a rant from a nonexistent person whom I made up, in my brilliant mind, so that I could think like a liberal. Unfortunately we will not be able to ask this nonexistent person any questions due to the fact that after spewing this much garbage from their mouth, when city sanitation came by and scooped up the trash… they were gone. Hey! Enjoy the read.

An emotional letter from: Stu P. Ibrocrat

FINALLY! The goofball jokes mock Christians and those who oppose The Affordable Healthcare Act! Way to go! I mean, that whole 2nd amendment thing is way overrated anyhow... we don't need anyone telling us what they believe. After all, we are not 'tolerant' of those hateful bigotted Christians! ANOTHER thing that is WAY overrated is this whole 'freedom of religion' thing! I think we should shut down all churches (only Christian churches though - like all the rest are OK since they don't really hate the government!) and turn them into AFCA exchanges and abortion clinics! THAT would show those !@#$^%$% 'moral' jerks! We only need the government, subsidies, Obamacare, free stuff, free education, free housing, free food - and the greedy corporate bigshots need to pay for it all! They make too much money! I don't care that they are the primary source for income for americans! They need to be taxed way above the amount they are! If you make more than, like, 100k a year, you should be forced to give 50% to the government! You should also be taxed on the amount that your corporation gives to ANY non-government approved 'charity' (especially if it goes against abortion or against gay marriage! ) ANYONE should be able to marry whoever they want - or WHATEVER they want - YOU 'conservative' !@$%% jerks think that they should not have the same TAX advantages as you 'normal' people, you are such !@#$% losers! In fact, I think that ALL charities should have to be approved by the Government! You should not be able to decide what you do with your money, I mean, like, you didn't build the roads that get your customers to your store - am I right!?!? You didn't build the internet! You greedy mom & pop shops that always complain about the government - SHUT UP! You don't have to have a business! Since you are successful in business you probably stole or cheated some of your employees or probably cheated on your taxes! THAT is the ONLY way ANY business could be successful without the help of our awesome President and government! It is time that we shut down morality in this country! Come on you stupid 'christians' and anyone who does not agree with the government - those days of ethics and morality and personal accountability and responsibility are GONE - you stupid jerks - anyone who disagrees with the government - or EVEN THINKS about trying to regain your so-called "rights" should be tried as terrorists! In fact we ought to re-write the "constitution" after all, it was made by a bunch of bigotted rich businessmen who only made it to get more power and money! We should follow the REST of the WORLD and see that socialism and communism work VERY WELL! The government should control everything! We don't need "states" anyhow - I mean, like there are no lines painted separating them, right? So like there should only be THE government, not individual states, what jerks!!!
AND ANOTHER THING (this is to you hateful 'conservatives' who want your 'freedoms' and guns and 'religion' and 'less taxes' and 'free speech') THERE SHOULD BE A GOVERNMENT APPROVED LIST OF WEBSITES! And anyone saying ANYTHING against the government (or just OUR awesomeness - OBAMA!) should be tried as a terrorist - AND if they are a christian or a supporter of ANY dissenting group (you know, like the TEA PARTY (more jerks) or ANY conservative group) that disagrees with the government - ALL of their possessions should be taken away and given to the poor! AND their families should have to pay the government while they are in JAIL - which should be FOREVER!!

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