I'm not very good at writing, so please forgive any bad grammer. I really hope this makes enough sense to understand what I'm try to say. Lol!

 I hold the values of all three groups in high regard, and do not for the life of me understand why some Republicans look down on Tea Party members, but that's for another blog. 

 I honestly believe these three groups can work as one, but until then I don't believe much will get done. Each group has different things that they consider priorities, but all three hold most of the same values. If we can ever get all three groups together and put up a solid front, there's no doubt in my mind we will get this country back on track faster, and be a force to be reckoned with.

My idea: All our elected people in Congress, Governors, etc, and other important and concerned people, need to meet up and have a convention of sorts(away from D.C.), nothing fancy or extravagant, just a big room. If they would just sit down, talk, and come up with an agreement between each other.  Let the Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans create their own bills, and add their own parts to budgets, and the others will back them. Stop trying to hold each other back, embarrass, speak badly, and ruin each others political careers. And for goodness sake stop trying to quieten those that want to speak out to call it like they see it, and call the Democrats on their BS! Now as far as running for elections, just let the people decide, but run clean campaigns towards each other. Until there is some kind of truce we are spinning our wheels. 

I am really interested to hear others ideas, so comment and let me know. 

God Bless America, and guide us down the path he wants us to follow.

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  • I believe the silver lining resides in the up and coming young turks in the GOP. Unlike their elder colleagues who remain beholden to lobbyists and other special interest groups, the younger guys may be the last bastion of genuine hope. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but if given the chance, the next in line Republicans may be the ones to take an active role in preserving what is left of our constitution. I've got my fingers crossed on that (doable) expectation.  :-)

  • I totally agree with Frankmusic, but somethings gotta to give at some point. Conservatives and Tea Partiers are treated like step children, but without them the Republican party would lose a lot of members. Splitting the party is not the solution, because both parties would fail. 

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  • Jake: You wishes are truly noble. ............I hope it goes from your keyboard to God's inbox.

    The dilemma as I see it, is the fact that the establishment Republicans want to govern in the same manner, which created most of the problems we are experiencing today. They want to grow the government and spend more. They appear uninterested in fighting for what the voters have asked them to fight for. Like Obamacare, Amnesty, and out-of-control spending. What makes matters worse, is hearing Republican leaders, like McCain, Jeb Bush, Pete King, etc. etc - publicly smearing conservative candidates like Ted Cruz or even spending millions $$ on ads to defame other conservatives. This is hardly a productive environment to encourage working together. John Boehner promised he would not bring up a bill that would fund Obama's pet programs, yet he did it anyway. He essentially gave away the farm for the entire 2015 year. Not good.

    Conservatives/Tea party want less spending, lower taxes, and the full repeal of the damaging policies and unconstitutional laws implemented by the current tyrannical regime.

    Right now, if there is any middle ground, I just don't see it. However, the hope of getting a conservative in the White House in 2016, would solve a multitude of issues. Jeb Bush is NOT the answer. 

    BTW: I love your avatar (NYPD cop badge)!

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