Consequences Of Fake News

fake-rubber-stamp-red-over-white-background-86701546.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xOne direct consequence of Fake News is the creation of large groups of people who believe falsities. These groups are impossible to communicate with because their fake belief systems have no common ground with reality.

In fact, reality is their enemy, so words that convey reality are an existential threat to their worldview, not just a differing opinion.  Reality’s destructive potential is why they view words as violence, and why they feel justified in silencing those who disagree. Their fear of reality becomes hatred of reality, and by extension, of those who live there.

Orwell’s two minutes of hate is long gone. Fake News pushes it 24/7, setting the mood and prepping the emotional beliefs for tailored action. That hatred can now be directed and triggered with a single image or story and, just like that, Fake News can instantly unleash rage-filled, violent mobs against their enemies.

We will continue to fight Fake News with the truth built on facts. We will keep promoting Real News and recruiting believers who can think and not drink the kool-aid.   

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