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  • Anywhere that a nativity scene, or other religiously oriented Christmas display, is removed from display because it is on public land, that is effectively a ban. Anytime a religious word, phrase, name, or action is challenged or removed from the public venue because of a supposed Government/religion connection that is also an attempt at a ban.


    Removing "God" from the Pledge.


    Renaming a town from "Christmas" to "Holiday".


    Renaming a parade from "The Christmas Parade" to "The Holiday Parade".


    Nativity scenes have been being removed from many public locations across The United States and this has been going on for years. Personally, I think of several years ago when the one on Euclid Ave. in Ontario, Ca. was ordered removed.


    Anytime anyone seeks a prohibition on the fallacious grounds of a supposed separation of Church and State, effectively they are demanding a law prohibiting the Free exercise of Religion.


    "Congress Shall Make No Law" should mean also include no laws against. Exception being a case where life might be endangered.

  • Who is banning the nativity scene??

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