Congress is far worse than we even imagined

As Americans, we have a tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt.  In the case of congress, that tendency has allowed congress to lie to us for decades without fear of being held accountable for their decisions which are destroying America.

Let me be clear.  Their decisions have NOT been made in the absence of the knowledge of what their decisions will inevitably cause.  Their decisions have been made DESPITE them all knowing exactly what the result will be, but THEY DON'T CARE!  When you hear the truth, I wonder what you will say and do, for our future and that of our descendants is at stake, so much so that if we do nothing,  our country will collapse.  What makes it worse is when the collapse occurs, the criminals in congress and other elected offices won't suffer for they have stolen so much money that they will simply disappear into some remote hideout while we are left to deal with THEIR criminal actions that destroyed our country.

So to what decisions do I refer? Specifically I refer to their collective, repeated, and intentional decisions to spend our hard earned dollars with absolutely NO concern for any ability to repay the debt THEY have created.  Remember, they have done this INTENTIONALLY for they get reports regularly telling them the truth, but they turn right around and LIE to us so they can hide the truth from us and continue to rob and plunder at OUR expense, all the time getting huge salaries, free perks, privileges, free staff, free offices, free healthcare, etc. all the while exempting themselves from laws they force on us.

The evidence of their collective crime has been uncovered by economists who have found that BOTH parties in congress have leveraged our future and that of our children and grandchildren by making promises they cannot fulfill, all done to BRIBE the people to get their votes so they can LIE more and STEAL more.  Before you dismiss this claim, I invite everyone to listen to this short video which is an interview with Dr. Kotlikoff who is an economist at Boston Univ with years of experience in this area.

His conclusions are inescapable as you will see, and over 1200 economists from across the country PLUS 17 Nobel Laureates in Economics not only agree with his conclusions, but all endorse a bill that will require the government to stop lying and tell the truth about the financial nightmare THEY INTENTIONALLY created. It is their hope that by exposing their lies, Americans may have some opportunity to plan for what is coming which is the inescapable financial collapse of America.

Remember, congress has done this to us INTENTIONALLY just so they can continue to LIE, STEAL, and live a lifestyle of opulence, luxury, and privilege as decadent as any monarch ever dreamed of living, ALL done with the knowledge that THEY created this mess and that WE will be held liable to pick up the bill, while THEY sail off into the sunset with all the wealth they have STOLEN.

I don't know about you but this infuriates me like no enemy of ours could ever do, for we expect our enemies to hate us and work for our destruction. But the realization that our own government has colluded for decades to enrich themselves at our expense, to such a degree that our entire country will collapse leaving us penniless and our children penniless makes me so outraged that I would be happy to see every one of them arrested for Treason, tried, then executed for intentionally plotting and colluding to destroy America which is TREASON, by law.

Some will say I am overreacting, to which I respond what would you call it if an enemy did the same thing to us? What if an enemy destroyed our economy leaving our country in a shambles with the real possibility of tens of millions dying from lack of food, water, basic services or even dying at the hands of looters and gangs who exploit the collapse of our country?  I would call that an act of open war so what is the difference, except that it is our OWN GOVERNMENT who has been at war with us for decades??

You may disagree with my conclusions to which I say you have the right, but just remember when it happens that you were warned, and remember that the traitors in both parties at every level of government who caused our collapse are off in their retreat living off the fat of OUR land and labor, while we starve and die.  When you watch your children starving, it will be too late to help them so you can explain to them why they are starving.  Tell them you were too busy or too cowardly to do anything to even QUESTION the traitors in government who promised they were looking out for you. 

I on the other hand, intend to be as ready as I can possibly be. Meanwhile, I will continue to fight to expose them and hopefully motivate more people to wake up to the FACT that our own government is plotting our destruction while they jet about on OUR money acting like monarchs.  Maybe if enough people get angry, we may be able to restore our Constitutional Republic after the traitors have been arrested and imprisoned awaiting trial.  If not, then God help you all.  All except the traitors who have brought us to this condition.

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