Common Ground for American Patriots

The foundation of our nation and the common ground of all true American patriots is simple. That we are created equal with certain unalienable rights, and that among them is the right to have Life, to live it in Liberty, and to exercise that liberty in the Pursuit of Happiness. Yet to justify and substantiate those rights, we must acknowledge at least in concept and principle, that there is a Creator who functions as our Supreme Judge, and that we are therefore governed not by man, but by the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God -- otherwise there is no premise on which to stand nor proceed. For if there is no God, no Almighty, no Absolute, then there is no standard for moral behavior, then if no standard for moral behavior, there is no restraint for the desires and ambitions of men, and if no restraint for the desires and ambitions of men, then all that remains is the struggle for the survival of the fittest, the rule of the strong, and the reign of the strongest. Freedom in our America means Freedom from something, and Liberty in our America means the Liberty to do or not to do something. Therefore, the answer is not found in socialist democracy, where government regulates the means of production and the distribution of goods and services, and where decisions are made by majority opinion without regard for the minority; in other words, mob rule. The answer is also not found in a Republic where unbridled capitalism is supreme. The answer however is found in a Constitutional [free market] Republic, designed to operate on the God given principles of equality and the rights of self determination. This folks is what we call Americanism, which is fueled by American Exceptionalism, which is the product of the Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuits of Happiness. What I believe should be the unifier for all patriot Americans is the words in the Declaration of Independence-- they are the foundation on which our Constitution was constructed. One may or may not subscribe to personal faith in the Creator, but to be a genuine American patriot, I believe one must agree no less than did the founding fathers, that Judeo-Christian principles were sound for founding a government upon back then, and remain sound for perpetuating sound government now. Why did the Declaration of Independence not call for the establishment of a theocracy and require that all men and women hold a personal faith in God?The answer is that being an Orthodox Jew or a Christian or anything in between is fundamentally a choice -- a choice from God and a choice by us. Judeo-Christian principle includes the choice of whether to accept God as a person and the salvation it purports to provide, or accept God as Creator and Supreme Judge in concept only, or to reject both the personhood of God and the concept of God altogether. The beauty of genuine Judeo-Christian based government is that personal faith is left up to the individual. Though we Christians and Orthodox Jews may actively share our faith and trust in God, and for Christians a more specific sharing of the message of Jesus Christ, we do not try to force a personal faith on anyone. Christians are the friends of 'non-believers', of 'sinners' if you may, though we may not partake in things with them that are contrary to our morals, we certainly have no trouble associating with non-believers and even enjoy spending time with them at dinner and other social events and such -- that's what Jesus did.  We love non-believers; we realize we were once non-believers as well, and we fully embrace the rightful context of the principle, we are our brother's keeper. Therefore in conclusion, we were not called to create a theocracy, but to stand up for all God given unalienable rights, of which three are included in the Declaration of Independence, and those be the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Thusly, the choosing of personal faith in God is a matter of liberty, not requirement. God sets before us the right to choose life or death by our own perception of options, and that is fundamental to Judeo-Christian principle and the general concept on which our nation was built. Choosing to go deeper than the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence is the option of all true American patriots, but one cannot claim true American patriotism without embracing the Declaration of Independence and the principles it sets forth as good and sound for perpetuating sound government. In closing, I would like to leave you with some thoughts to ponder:Dogs know where their sustenance comes from; some people aren't near as smart. The line is being drawn in the sand not wide enough on which for anyone to stand; choose your side. In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. -Thomas Jefferson
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