Common Core is the Common Problem

I had the pleasure of substituting in a 9th grade math class recently.  I was astonished by my experience.  I realized that busy work is the norm and apathy is the rule for math classes in middle and high schools.  However, I found out much more about the system than I bargained for.

In the past, I have been in high school class rooms or various subjects and found that students are, in general, cuddled, bored and not challenged.  Most students lavish at the opportunity to do absolutely nothing, even if work has been assigned.

In this school, one of every nine students has failing grades.  Math and reading skills are lacking and, under the common core standards, they are allowed to pass on to the next grade, which may explain why 18% of the students at this school haven’t met the minimum standard.

There are reasons for the tacit and acute crisis in the schools.  Standards have been lowered; discipline is lacking among students and, in some cases, not enforced by the school, maturity and apathy has been at battle with brighter kids and teachers. Many students have the ability but are simply not challenged.  The minimum task is completed, time is the villain and apathy conquers.

Not all students are equal:

The major problem is that the kids that have the ability to excel are generally held back by the standardized testing.  Everyone is equal mindset is forced on local schools by the Federal Government.  Washington uses the almighty dollar to fund and provide materials in the form of text books which are more agenda driven than informative.  Teachers, nationwide, are teaching a state test, rather than a curriculum of critical thinking. Some states have a budget shortfall and will have to alter the curriculum to meet the common core testing.  Common Core takes the local control away, which makes it much more difficult to differentiate students into the learning progression.


New math method, in elementary school, confuses students.  Problem is that nearly half of the students do not need this creative confusing mess.  Give them special projects rather wait for the rest of the class to catch up. Peer teaching is also an alternative for the students that understand the subject as a way accelerate their progression.  Some ultimately will never catch up.  If they cannot meet the minimum standard for math and reading, why give them a pass?  This 9th grade math class was to simply connect dots that they graphed and then color the cartoon character with crayons.  Many students viewed this as a waste of time and I couldn’t agree more.  I wondered if this is the exception and not the standard. In other words, simply busy work.  However, students told me that they get a “break” when they complete different blocks in math.  I am wondering: a break from what?

Ever think about looking at the family unit?

There is one big difference between my school years and today, which is the breakdown of the family unit.  This attributes immensely to the failing of kids in school.  Study after study has proven that kids with involved parents with school work have increased the odds to become successful students.

It seems like Common Core is designed to provide for the less fortunate kids while leaving the more gifted kids at the station with them.  Common Core standards will further enshrine the public schools. The elaborate plans will include required national assessments within the Common Core Standards as a tool to institute massive data collection about American school children that has nothing to do with education, and everything to do about Government intrusion and control.

Today’s student must get used to cameras and monitoring at all activities, to include the food you eat, internet interaction, both socially and electronically, and, accept the changes, or modifications, to meet the “standards” set forth by common core.

I know that kids read George Orwell’s 1984 in school but are not aware that 1984 is closer to reality than not.  Most have no idea what the book Animal Farm is all about.  Civics may not be taught in some states, but where I am substituting, it is a requirement.  Therefore, at least a few will learn enough information to become an informed future participant in the American society.  Unfortunately, most of our youth are conveniently ignorant in civics and are only aware of bullet points, watching or listening capsules of filtered information. 

Most schools are not doing their job in educating, as cited in recent studies that a majority do not know much about the amendments to the constitution or do not know that the earth rotates around the sun.  This fits very well for the “global warming” crowd that has been editing dissenting information to support their scheme by slowing but very methodically eroding American traditions

Common Core is not the answer.  It was said a long time ago, that when government gets involved in education: education is finished. The Federal government is on the same page for a big city as it does for rural America: the same page for successful schools and unsuccessful, with no regard to family structures.  It just does not work.  Education, as most other things, starts at the home.  The Federal government, through common core, has determined that they know what is best for the youth of America, diminishing the role of even the traditional families that still have involvement with their kids at every level of their school life. When parents do not set the example, the school does and to their Big Government philosophy.

Some states have instituted Planned Parenthood to persuade that abortions and sex education on demand are in the student’s best interest as well as the degeneration of religion. The alternate family has a mother, father and children.  History of the US is rewritten and kids are tested on the revised history. The implementation of Common Core is the precursor for the Progressive hammer for higher education.  Conservatives, for example, are against the common American, are racist and are propped up by big business are randomly held as fact, until the hemorrhaged student finds the truth: Those who scream adhere to the accusations that they judge.

For me, it is clear that common core is not for the common good.

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