Civil Rights Movement, the Gay Agenda?

It is not your right to object to what someone does suggests the radical gay/lesbian movement. Did you watch the video with Bishop Jackson? We note that Bishop Jackson specifically speaks of not being against any individuals. But that, according to radicals, is bigotry! Look at the comments, some, of course with curse words. Note those usually come from the females objection to his words!

Face it.. they tell you if you do not support what I do then you are as a racist or bigot, meaning the same thing! I do not hear heterosexuals saying that same thing because we know the alternate lifestyles, with some exceptions, do not support what we do! Do we lie and call them names? It is so radical with them that many who were delivered from those wrong lifestyles are beat to death with corrupt words when they announce being delivered. Well, it is not their right to tell what happened to them! Another anti-freedom lie by these radicals!

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