CHURCH of The Blue Collar Believer

After I'd started this website, I attempted to access it by my phone.

Hmm. Funny how others in the Bing search engine have had similar ideas, all for the negative, or so it seems.

In hope that many will discover this website, for the sake of their soul's enrichment and enlightenment of their intellect, awakening their lives to a greater knowledge of our Creator, amen.

Certain things I've already shared here on TEAPARTYORG. such as- FAITH IN ACTION and The Declaration of Independence for The Unborn - shall be viewed there for all to see, witness of and to, and hopefully start the renewal and rebirth of America and her values as a nation of and from our Creator God Almighty  - once again, amen.

I still plan on visiting everyone here and elsewhere on a regular basis. Yet believing that this website will be found by many as HOLY GROUND as they come to share, witness, and testify of His Kingdom of Heaven and the untold riches they have found and shared with others. Success stories and prayer requests, amen.

See you there, and here, amen.

Your brother in Christ;

Max Simon Uhrig III

Mesa, AZ  85207

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