Hi people, I was watching tv and saw Christie lovin up on Obama. What a rino Christie is.Would anyone here vote for that donut eating hog? Oh Barack I'm all for you and your agenda will you let me lay at your feet like a good little sheep?How can we rid ourselves of this ass before he gets started. We can't trust any of the administration to run the polls and make sure everything is on the up and up. Think Obama can buy enough people off to get Christie the Republician nomination? I am looking to get more involved with local Tea Party so I can make a difference.Sometime I feel so helpless. I love my freedom and the USA and I am ready to fight for both. But what can I do?I have written called faxed many congress people, joined groups given plenty cash, what more can I do short of something no so legal? I just stated I like my freedom so what can I/we do to get our point across.I have two democrats in congress for Virginia and they don't answer my mail anymore, what's up with that?Warner and Kaine got new email this morning:Senator, I would think by now you and the rest of the left can see where your agenda is taking this country.Do you want civil war? You know it looks like white Christians are being added to the endangered list. Everything your administration does is against the white Christian conservative public. Say bye bye to Boy Scouts hello to girly scouts.What a fucking joke this government is. Do you want to be known as one of the communists that destroyed the USA?Sounds like something to add to your resume'.WE THE PEOPLE demand you vote against the immigration bill and the UN Treaty. Both are completely against the Constitution of the United States. Also we will not tolerate any other attempts to control our DEFENSIVE WEAPONS. We need the protection from this insufferable sham government. Obama care need to go also I have good insurance and if you guys fuck it up I will not forget it. Stop riding the train to nowhere while you can.See you at the polls.I normally watch my language but I am getting more pissed off everyday. If I keep ranting, bad language or no, I'm gonna get on someone's list and I don't think it will be the GOOD list.Peace be with you all. Lock and load my friends, we may need it. MOLON LABE.
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