By Juan Reynoso –


Please forward this to all your friends. We got the power to constraint the powers of this corrupt government. We are ending impunity-No man is above the law. We want you to join us to stamp out corruption.


Christians are the only hope to take our principles and values back.

Fellow Americans, this is the truth. The peoples trust on the government of this United States it is lost. Corruption, liars, deception and the rampant abuse of power and compromise that erode our Christian principles and values is the moral reality of our times. Our leaders compromised and sold their honor, soul and principles for a hand full of money and they worship their new God “money” and give us the world that we live today, the supreme God of today is money, money is the ruler of the world and is making mankind the world’s slaves of the money holders.

Fellow Christians freedom is our gift from our God and is reinforce by God’s law, we can change this ill state of our country and the world by living on the truth and God’s law; our Christian manifesto for moral renewal, sovereignty and self-reliance is based on our faith on God’s law, we cannot continue thinking that we know better than God and can do whatever we want to satisfied our need for material things at the expenses of our fellow man,  change nature and God’s creation and many others things that we know that are against God’s law. Today, now is the best time to start the change and stop the way that we are living our lives. Our only ruler and master is God and we must follow his law.

This is God’s law.

Psalm 19:7 - Deuteronomy 4:6 - Nehemiah 9:13 - Psalm 18:30 - Psalm 23:3 - Psalm 78:5 - Psalm 116:6 - Psalm 119:98 - Psalm 119:160

We are citizens of this country and the world; we are not under the jurisdiction of the federal law, our law is God’s law; God’s government declared us the people sovereign and independent with free will to choose; we are accountable only to God our Lord. According to our limits we will organized our communities for our moral renewal and self-reliance, we will organize and form our on financial institutions to serve our community, our economic development,  support our Christian education, we will work with the City police force to establish security in our communities, follow the cities laws and contribute to make our cities better.   Our Christian manifesto is not to overthrow the government as an institution, but we will not compromise or submit to unjust laws that are not in agreement with God’s law. We are declaring our independence from this government corruption, we are not anarchists, we are Americans hungry for a restoration of our Constitution and our God’s given principles and values, we recognized that this government it is evil without moral conscience, their ideology is in violation of God’s law. God is talking to the Christian community and what we are hearing, is time to take our principles and values back; God is in our side our Bible is teeming with civil disobedience and deliverance from tyranny. We must obey God rather than men. (Acts 5:29 - The Bible celebrates heroes of the faith who take extraordinary actions to liberate themselves from ungodly rulers.

Our founders believed that when King George broke his own laws, he was acting without authority. The same principle applies today to our own leaders when they break trust with the Constitution and God’s laws. They are leaders without moral authority.

We should resist tyranny.

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