“ Chinese Dissident Chen, Welcome To The U.S. Of Hypocrisy “

“ Chinese Dissident Chen, Welcome To The U.S. Of Hypocrisy “
I would never wish to or intentionally lend my articles to be used as a propaganda tool for the Communist Chinese Government, especially towards a Chinese Government that has even to this day as well as having in the past involved itself of murdering over 72 million people (including millions of Chinese Christians), however, I find myself once again in a position where I must follow the Biblical mandate of Ephesians 5:1; exposing the evil of our American Government as it's representatives have engaged in continued hypocrisy. As the US Government has brought Chinese dissident Chen here to the shores of the USA as part of a "humanitarian effort” to free an “oppressed” Chinese national, It is quite obvious that the Obama administration is involved in a continued US and it's States Government's policies of doing to American Citizens what the US Government criticizes other foreign governments of, which is that of engaging in lying to it's own people and the cover-up of violating it's own citizen's human rights.
When the Chinese Government as well as other world governments clamors against the American Government for being hypocritical about human rights violations, indeed in many instances those other governments speak truth. We all hate to admit it, I know many especially third world nations involve themselves in evil but when these third world nations point their fingers back at us and show us all our faults our own American Government engages in, we hide rather than expose then correct the evil actions we are engaged in. Very often, our Federal Government denies faults or are in purposeful deceit about the evil our own nations government's(Federal and State) are engaged against it's own citizens. We as a people should be quick to condemn then demand swift correction of that fault, but often there is little complaint by the people or even worse; the US and or it's State's Governments continues and then remains engaged in the same level of evil(or even worse) than first exposed. Americans if unaware, because of our own government's actions towards us(American Citizens), when our nations leaders condemn others outside the USA, Our enemies look at how “We The People” are treated by our own US Government and in reality, we are as our enemies say we are: “ all hypocrites and, liars.”
I realize some of what I am sharing is painful to admit but we must admit what our American Government has become; while Obama sends Clinton all around the world to “wheel and deal” with other world leaders in setting up the New World Order via George Soros and his cronies, we need to wake up as a nation and warn our neighbors what is occurring. The United Nations is like a giant rat trap that is increasingly encroaching our Natural and God given rights. Obama has sent Clinton to many other nations selling our country to the devil and the devil's schemes. Think about a few things would you ?----Do you really think that spy drone flying adrift into Iran some months ago was an “accident” or a “mistake” ? How about the UN international gun ban treaty Obama and Clinton agreed to ? Then there is the International LOST Treaty where Obama would give the United nations control over American waters and waterways. I could go on and on about our own American Governments treachery and tyranny against it's own people. Our nation's leaders have become oxymoron’s to the word “freedom.”
Our nation is being over run with Judicial and Government tyranny by the hour ! Our God Given and Natural rights to privacy, self protection, self preservation are being trampled on by the minute of the hour as a matter of fact regarding our own government yet our very own American Government which robs, destroys then mocks words “common law” and then goes on to condemn the Governments like the Peoples Republic Of China for doing the same thing very our government does to us ! How can a nation that call's itself “Christian” and or “as a moral example to the world” in any way act in such a manner as as what Jesus himself termed as being “hypocritical” ? Did not Jesus tell those involved in hypocrisy to “ First cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother's eye” (Matthew 7:5) ? .
The vast majority of our nations and states leaders are involved in such hypocritical evil as those nations they condemn. Our nation looks like a nation of fools and we are laughed at for it. So many Americans take huge gulps of “pride soup” and refuse to see how completely foolish we look to peoples in other nations. I have lived outside and traveled outside the United States many times and you can hear near pity as well as at times the disdain for America for the evil the United States Government has involved itself in for the many years now. No person I have ever spoken to outside the USA is very surprised at America's decline in statute and prosperity. Very often, more than ridicule in their voices towards the American's, they have share a sort of pity for Americans for what they suffer. I have heard often from them; “America's suffering, decline.... rejection of God.” Other nations such as the Philippines has taken notice, even learns from our failures. To this date, the Philippine Government mandates prayer and “values, God” as part of the public school curriculum. They have leaned from the hypocritical American Government's treatment of it's own citizens and the rejection of Jesus Christ.
I don't know if American's will ever “get it.” Other nations have and are now learning from their mistakes. In America though, our Federal and State's Governments continue in violating it's citizen's human rights. Just today, at the time of this article, according to Christian Pastor Art Hage from West Virginia, he was told by a Judge William Watkins III Family Court Judge, in Putnam County, that he would incarcerate pastor Hage “forever” after this “judge” had already made other illegal threats against the pastor. As well in Anchorage, Alaska there is an on-going trial against Scaheffer Cox who was in all appearances was framed by FBI agents for a “conspiracy to commit murder” but the truth being told, Scaheffer was only involved in local militia to protect his community and our nation from corruption. When Alaskan State, County and other officials failed to use false Child Protection Services claims against young Schaeffer, the State Of Alaska brought in the FBI to make false allegations against him. I as well cannot stop thinking of others like Christian Pastor Darren Huff who witnessed a criminal act of a judge and along with others went to make a Constitutional citizens arrest but in the end, he was himself arrested and without proper legal representation, was incarcerated. Shall I go on to share about the countless American Military hero's who have been arrested and wrongly convicted of “rules of engagement' violations ? How many men and women of our military have suffered because of the political whims of a American Government mood to appease it's enemies rather that protect it's very own citizens ?
I grieve at the over 8 million American Citizens incarcerated in our country. That is the highest number of citizens incarcerated than in any other industrialized nation. There are hundreds of thousands of innocent men sitting in jail for the sole reason to put cash in the personal pockets of Government elected and non-elected employees. There is a conspiracy of states and local, county governments to illegally collect Federal Title IV and Violence Against Women Act funds based on lies, false accusations and of corrupt American Government agents including that of many in the judiciary, legislative and executive branches. It all makes me sick ! Just yesterday an innocent man falsely accused of rape and being incarcerated for years was finally released;
So welcome Mr. Chen to the United States of Hypocrisy ! I can state with great confidence that It is not I who is being used as a propaganda tool for your government in telling the truth about my government's involvement in evil and hypocrisy, it is however you sir-who is being used by my government to play a very dangerous game of hypocrisy and you are being used as an agent to defraud others around the world in making an appearance that the American Government loves freedom and loves freedom for it's citizens. Your coming to America is a charade, an illusion if you will that our government is on the side of “freedom for all.” That belief you may also hold to is a lie sir, just like the lies that others like you that have heard and repeated for years outside the USA; that is that in America, our “roads are paved with gold” and “money grows on the trees.” Mr. Chen, our Government IS a lie, a fraud in many ways and filled with purposely wicked hypocrites who want to destroy our God given freedoms. I Somehow don't believe your law professors at New York University will ever inform you of what I have just shared in “pen and paper” with you, for they are part of the US Government's hypocrisy, they have no motivation in telling the truth to you or anyone or ever returning to what our nation's Founding Father's intended for our nation. Sadly as well, I doubt anyone will ever have the courage to read this article and tell you the real truth about The US Government and it's evil intentions of using you as tool for the American Government's facade that they acre about “human rights.” My Christian prayer though is that you may know the truth in some way, some how.
John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. “
Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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