First, blame President Bill Clinton. He did two things that actually enabled the Chinese to have ICBM and that work and are accurate. Clinton sent L3 into China to help the with gyros, as prior to that help 25% of the Chinese launches . Clinton was paying the Chinese to launch some US military satellites, one of which was lost, ( Not stolen and re-engineered). Then he authorized the sale of several supercomputers, the Chinese said they needed them for weather patterns, ( They are essential for reentry calculations of ICBM's and nuclear reaction and design calculations. I am sure they did not reverse engineer any of those computers).   Now, they have an aircraft carrier, expanding Navy and nuclear subs with nuclear missiles and a new sub base, aggression against neighbors , including Japan. Google it and check out , "Year of the Rat" .                                                                                                                                                                  Yes, Obama's weakness, leading from behind, stepping off the world stage, gutting the US military, gutting our nuclear arsenal and missile/nuclear maintenance, weakening of the US dollar through continued QE, continued attacks on anything Christian, (Especially in the military), DREAM Act , open borders, US patriot oppression , e .g , IRS targeting of Tea Party, political opponents of Obama, NSA targeting, EPA WAR on coal and US citizens, ( Electric rates will devastate citizens, hitting the poor or middle class the most) , Billions and Billions of ( Printed extra) dollars wasted on green programs, including solar panels built in China, 17 trillion dollar deficit and growing, Executive Order abuses and selective enforcement of laws and selective adherence to judicial orders, and many , many other issues that affect every aspect of our country via help of his 76 czars and their shadow government. GM setting up the new Caddie engineering center in the US, NO in China whose is still using US tax money, GE lost US employees, but added over 20,000 in CHINA and several new plants. tS Military exchanges with China who Obama allowed to watch our Navel exercises on our ships and then the CHINESE went to see the Russians. ( Do you think you as a US citizen could have been on those ships? NO) The initial step to the keystone of socialism which is universal health care, ( Per Marx) OBAMA CARE. Just Saying..  

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  • But the Liberal media says he is a great President and forgot about all of Bill's treason! Ah, sex under a table was more important?

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