China on the Move!   It's been four years since I blogged "China on the Move!" on Townhall, published  July 29, 2008, reflecting today's economic status.  Americans now find themselves facing the dragon!  China has now moved ahead as they slowly and consistently built up their armies, arms, and economic status with the help of globalists, such as Kissinger, and Soros, while China has been buying up every commodity in the world that they can get their grubby hands on and control, especially nickel.  Americans can thank President Bill and Hillary Clinton, COSCO, Walmart, U.S. corporations, the Obama's, as well as congressional members who did nothing to stop the"outsourcing" of America's jobs and secrets of technology and innovation to the detriment of America, the military, and the American people. Ironically, the title, "China on the Move" is somewhat prophetic.

     According to Larry Edelson, the globalists set a goal that Communist China will supersede the economic status of the world and end the economic status of America by the year 2016!  About 1993, I felt that the Clinton's weren't on track with middle America as they were closly tied to Communist China and Russia.  I created and produced a talk radio show titled, Issues of the Day, and warned America that they may have to slay the dragon [Communist China] which was heard on syndicated radio produced at KIEV - the home of the dynamic George Putnam - who passed away. 

      In 1993, I had an epiphany and became more concerned about the injustices recurring silently in America's courts.  So, I aired a radio show at a time when talk show hosts didn't discuss stories which were wrongfully promoted as conspiracy theories.  I invited a special guest, who confirmed my beliefs and he predicted that China and Russia and the Middle East would come against America after the year 2000.  I was very concerned that China quietly built up a one million man army and that the Clinton administration was selling arms to Communist China and Russia.  But, this didn't seem to disturb the majority of the American people, who didn't want to hear the truth, perhaps out of fear.  Americans for the most part ignored the warnings of the patriots.  The information presented by patriots didn't  reflect the American way of life.  But, after the elections of 2008, millions of Americans began to awaken and the Obama administration changed the mind set of Americans who began believing that there were some rats in the attic.   

    Unfortunately, Americans weren't disturbed that President Bill Clinton sold arms to Communist China and simultaneously cut the U.S. Military Budget substantially.  He slashed the Military Defense Budget to the surprise of the Military and the American people.  Many military employees lost their homes, but as Clinton stated after taking office, "The American people must sacrifice!"  Well, he wasn't willing to sacrifice when he fled to Russia as a draft dodger.  Unfortunately, the American people and the media discredited the book and the taped documentary, The Clinton Chronicles, published by "Patrick Matricisiana. The reason [just an FYI: if you put the letter "t" before the word "reason" - it becomes "treason"] that American citizens didn't pay much attention is the simple fact that the media didn't really want to touch those stories in my opinion.  At the time, most of us were in la la land and didn't realize that we'd been brainwashed into believing it's a material  world and it's all about "me!"  Many of us bought into it, at least temporarily, others still believe it!  Americans were intentionally led to believe that the government was looking out for the best interest of the U.S. and U.S. citizens, but that was far from the truth. 

  Although, there has always been a nazi type mentality of citizens, who didn't let the nazi mentality die  after WWII, they went about their business unnoticed quietly indoctrinating people for decades until it spread like a cancer. Today, we have 80 card carrying Socialists in Congress and one known Communist lobbyist accessing the White House and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization who reportedly had ties to Hitler during WWII.  The secret socialists and secret anti-Americans continued to spread their anti-American views through the courts, schools, churches, and universities, without anyone paying much attention to their new agendas.  They wrote new laws under the guise of women's rights and charitable acts or "for the protection of the people" as they moved "forward," so Americans wouldn't object, but in fact, support their goals.  Also, Americans didn't feel they had any reason to question the public schools who were slowly introducing a more liberal educational system.  The socialists cleverly, slowly, and  quietly, turned good into evil and evil into good, infiltrating the minds of the youth without a cure today - 2012 -on how to restore conservative teachings.  In 2008 and thereafter, we've seen kids supporting socialists agendas, but as more people are awakened, they are realizing that the politically correct liberal agendas enslave a nation. 

     About July 29, 2008, my Blog "China on the Move" created an unexpected stir of controversy, even anger, by mainly liberals and Rinos.  Many readers at the time defended Obama with their very being.  They truly believe Obama to be a U.S. Natural Born Citizen based on  his published on-line publication of the blacked out on-line Certificate of Live Birth.  One of the opposing persons, who called him or herself Tinsldr 2, commented on my blog dated 11/5/2008, stating, "to continually say that he [Obama] has not proven his citizenship and is not going to be the next President is foolish in the extreme.  It makes you sound loonier than those who claim Bush stole the 2000 elections and those that claim 911 was an inside job of the Bush administration oil when you start going down those roads."  I wonder if Tinsldr2 still has the same opinion of Obama and the road on which Obama has led Americans for the past 3 1/2 years. Even today, there are millions of Obama supporters as well as supporters of Bill and Hillary Clinton who  approve of their socialist and global agendas. 

     There are millions of Americans who should ask if the Clinton's and Obama's sold out America and the American people when they outsourced U.S. technology, jobs, and manufacturing, and attempted to nationalize health care.  President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and opened up the borders devastating our sovereignty. He tried to lease the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese, but Anthony J. Hilder led a protest in Washington D.C. and prevented the lease.  Bill Clinton opened up the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese and helped Hillary Clinton, who was a member of  the Walmart Board of Directors for six years, while a partner of  the Rose Law Firm working to import consumer products made in China formerly made inthe USA. It appears quite convenient that President Bill Clinton implemented 'outsourcing" as well as opening the Long Beach Port all about the same time that Walmart was ready to cast off.  The Rose Law Firm represented Walmart.  So, as a joint effort their actions created easy access for Communist China to import consumer products into the U.S.A.  COSCO is a communist owned corporation.  By these actions, th Clinton's were the catalysts who caused the loss of U.S. manufacturing and U.S. jobs for millions of Americans and this obviously would help build up the economic status of Communist China. There's no doubt that the Clinton's and the Obama's worked diligently on making Communist China a economic powerhouse.  

     In fact, it appears that millions of Americans could care less that Hillary Clinton has been working with Obama and Feinstein, Holder, and Schumer, for decades in support of the U.N.'s Small Arms Treaty with the intent of disarming Americans.  Hillary and Feinstin support the U.N.'s Rights of the Child that deny parental rights to Americans.  Obama is propped up by the Clintons, but in reality, he's carrying on the same agendas as the Clinton's, which reflect not the U.S. Constitution, but the U.N., E.U., NATO, U.N., and Globalists also known as the New World Order.  In fact, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, stated at a congressional hearing that "we" [Obama and Panetta] seek international permission to take action! 

         About June 2011, I had the pleasure of visiting Washington D.C. and meeting with my Congressman. I told my Congressman that America doesn't owe anything to Communist China!  I stated that Communist China owes America!  They should wipe the slate clean! I said that we should close the Long Beach Port or charge China tariffs before importing consumer products formerly made in the USA that hurt America's economy and the job market in America.  I stated that we should withhold imports if they threaten to take over our soil as collateral for the loans owed to China.  After all, the U.N. and foreign nations are conspiring to reduce the manufacturing businesses in America and bring Americans to their knees.

     The American people should demand that Congress take immediate action and determine how much money does Communist China owe to  America for the use of  U.S. technology, innovation, manufacturing, and jobs that Clinton outsourced without any reciprocation on their part to repay America!  And Congress should enforce the tariffs.  For example, if  corporations want secret technology from an inventor or another corporation, they must pay for it, but the Clinton's gave U.S. jobs and technology to Communist China without an agreement to repay America for helping build up their economic status.  Under which constitutional authority did President Clinton outsource U.S. technology, manufacturing, and jobs, and how is that not considered to be economic espionage?

      I toured the Kennedy Center which was very impressive.  The tour guide told us to follow her and she remarked that there are two private rooms at the Kennedy Center. We viewed the one private room which was reserved for the U.S. President and his guests.  Afterwards, we were led to a second private room - this room was much larger than the room reserved for the U.S. President - and to my surprise, we were told that this second private room was reserved for the Communist Chinese and their guests.  I believe I am the only U.S. Citizen who is disturbed that a large private room is permanently reserved for a Communist nation on U.S. soil in a U.S. building dedicated to a U.S. President.  In fact, I'm probably the only American disturbed by the fact that inside the building is a glass entrance from the floor to the ceiling and on the glass was red lettering with Chinese writing - and the words "Red China" - but no one seemed bothered except for me.  I asked the tour guide why the red lettering written in Chinese and the words "Red China" was scrolled across the glass.  She stated that there was a performance about one year ago.  I asked, "Why don't they remove it if the performance ended", but she just shrugged her shoulders.  I don't know if it is still on the glass, but it should have been red, white and blue lettering stating, U.S.A.

       Recently, the economic guru, Larry Edelson, commented that there are 810,000,000 Communist Chinese employed today, but only 160,000,000 Americans employed.   Remember, it was President Bill Clinton, who opened the flood gates to Communist China by cleverly calling his actions that devastated America's jobs -  "outsourcing"  - helping build up Communist China, not America.  Clinton's outsourcing included America's technology, innovations, manufacturing jobs, and military arms, as well as opening up the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese, which Obama has moved "forward."  President Bill and Hillary Clinton catapulted their globalist agenda by working with the Communist Chinese to make COSCO and Walmart super discount stores.  But, China's economic status is devastating America's economic status as consumer products formerly made in the USA are now made in China for COSCO and Walmart.  George Soros stated that his goal is to make Communist China the economic power in the world and devalue the U.S. dollar. This raises the question if Obama is secretly meeting with the Communist leader to discuss the devaluation of the U.S. dollar.  Americans should be concerned and asking if Beijing is now the economic powerhouse in the world, not Wall Street?  COSCO and Walmart import about 90%-99% of their consumer products from Communist China.  The high quality standards for consumer products made in the USA was devastated by the Clinton's outsourcing of America's manufacturing businesses.  Their actions have lowered the economic lifestyle of every middle class citizen to a new low.  Middle Class Americans have had their lifestyles reduced by 39% since Obama took office. 

     Unfortunately, Obama has continued the agendas of the Clinton regime and outsourced 85,000 green solar jobs to Communist China while American workers suffer.  During that same time, Obama granted about $535M to Solyndra, who reportedly granted themselves huge wages and bonuses, and thereafter, bankrupted without accountability.  Edelson states that  China's economy has grown by 9.2%, while the U.S. economy has only grown by 1.7%!  Edelson says that the Peterson Institute and the University of Pennsylvania believe that Communist China is the #1 economic status in the world currently and has surpassed the economic status of the U.S.  Therefore, I've included excerpts from my Townhall Blog, "China on the Move!"  pub. 2008:

     "It appears that China is on the move and is outsourcing America's middle class workers [morphing them into Chinese workers].  It's ridiculous to believe that a Communist country will abide by a treaty except for the sake of appearance.  All nations, who are being negatively viewed by the world, can lead people to believe that a signature or a hand shake will resolve the problem.  The Middle East treaties for peace were violated before the ink dried. 

     The fact that the U.S. is providing its seal of approval for our women to compete in a Communist country, who punished women if they were pregnant with baby girls, by allegedly killing the pregnant women and aborting the female babies is the epitome of human rights violations against women. These alleged killings and abortions have gone on for decades so an unknown amount of blood has been shed in violation of human rights, which exceeds gender bias, against women.  In fact, the news reported and alleged that the fetuses were [cooked] and eaten as a delicacy......." 

     Also, "During the 90s, the CEOs of oil companies and prominent politicians and corporate leaders under the Clinton administration determined that we should open up our borders and give up our sovereignty for globalization which use to be called "The New World Order."  They determined that if they wanted to become extremely wealthy that they must "outsource" American jobs to India and Communist China.  They decided that they would "marry" China, a nice way of saying they were crawling into bed with Communist China.  So, they opened up the "superhighway" to China and outsourced [U.S.] jobs that had been created for future generations of Americans since the inception of our country.  U.S. corporations were greedy seeking higher profits and sold out the American people with the help of Bill Clinton and Congress. They determined that they would pay these foreigners less money and then sell the [consumer products] formerly made in the USA back to the American people for cheaper prices by opening up discount stores [COSCO and Walmart], which made those on Wall Street, even wealthier. 

     Therefore, If the government intentionally lowers the standard of living for Americans,  so they can implement  globalist agendas in line with the U.N. then Americans had better wake up now!  The goal would be to decrease manufacturing companies in America so China controls the manufacturing on American soil. If that were the case, Americans would become enslaved to a Communist nation and treated and paid accordingly.  This would reduce the middle class down to poverty level dependent upon a foreign government for jobs and wages.  They would not tolerate a Middle Class as communists oppose a Middle Class. They would not favor  Christianity  -the  Jewish religious beliefs - Catholic beliefs and there could be mandates to reduce the population of U.S. Natural Born Citizens.  The end result could be devastating to America - the end of America - and possibly the end of the U.S. Natural Born Citizens dominating the United States of America.  America and U.S. Natural Born Citizens could become the latest lost land and people - like Atlantis - only lost because of being dominated by foreign nations under an iron fist!  

     But, the serious problem of being forced to purchase inferior products and unsafe products, or products that are known to have caused injuries, death, or illness, which have been reported on a steady basis is not to be taken lightly.  Unfortunately, Americans are the recipients of these serious problems caused by consumer products made in Communist China.  There have been reports of high lead content, children in China dying from the high lead content in products; mold reported in dry wall which caused people to lose their homes without reimbursement; dangerous issues with blinds and cribs as well as death from tainted baby's formula.  Congress or presidents who followed Clinton haven't done much to stop or limit the out-sourcing of U.S. jobs, technology, and manufacturing, to Communist China and India, for more than 20 years.  The outsourcing of jobs has caused middle class Americans to suffer the consequences of higher unemployment and loss of  businesses as well as forcing businesses to downsize and lay off employees.  That's the reality!  Americans can barely afford to buy products at a discount that are imported even from China or India today.  Also, Americans are suffering from the high cost of gasoline.  For example, if you paid $20 to fill up your tank back in 2008 - the same tank of gasoline could cost $60 or $80 - in today's market at $4 per gallon.  

     Never forget that under President Clinton's reign, he sold arms to Communist China and Russia.  He sent millions of dollars to Russia.  He had defected to Communist Russia where he was protected from dodging the U.S. Draft.  Obama never served in the U.S. military.  So, how could a draft dodger be eligible to be a U.S. President who defected to a Communist nation?  Obama stated he comes from a long line of Mulsims and that his grandfather and father, Barack Hussein Obama, were born and raised in Kenya, under the rule of Great Britain, and they herded goats.  Obama's statements make him ineligible to be a U.S President according to Article II, but who cares about Article II in the government?

     Clinton supported Communist China's building up of China's one million man army by selling arms to Communist China and Russia, while simultaneously defunding the U.S. Military Defense Department and reducing the number of military personnel.  He closed military bases around the nation.  Clinton caused a substantial number of  military personnel the loss of their jobs and many military personnel lost their homes. [also, Obama's goal has been to reduce the military and military budget, even though he created more wars].  But, did any of these actions shout out to the masses back in 2008 - "China on the Move!" - to the sleepy Americans who were swooning over the handsome and wealthy players [such as Bill Clinton] at that time -[or swooning over Obama's glistening pectorals or sending chills up the legs of Chris Matthews?] 

     In conclusion, the Clinton's and the Obama's are leaders who one could say seduced a nation with the help of the Hollywood glitz!  The 2008 Obama campaign was nothing short of the world's biggest audience on live theater - the most successful reality show ever produced!  The Obama campaign and inauguration superseded the excitement of "American Idol"  In fact, the 2008 Obama presidential campaign and inauguration could have been produced by Hollywood as  - "Political Idol!"  

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  • Any Congressman or Senator should be investigated to see if they are promoting the Chinese economy instead of the United States economy.

  • There should be a huge,"When Are You Going To Wake Up Americans" campaign.  These Global people like Obama are not looking out for us, Americans.  Obama doesn't even believe in the United States Constitution.

  •  The viable answer Rose Colombo to this question is Yes Washington helped the growth of the Red Chinese and to Hell with us along with helping these Third World countries which I believe to be against our Prosperity,Growth and Employment. My mother said best God Rest her soul "Charity and Compassion" begins at Home. Just think about that quote a minute and you'll come to same conclusion I did many years ago.

  • The Battle of Gog and Magog

    How Ezekiel 38 predicts the coming of World War III

    Russia, Syria Deny War Games with Iran, China


  • Anthony -You may be right, but I'll continue with my small effort.  At 75, I may not be able to "march" very far, but will do my part and if the UN decides to "stick their nose where it doesn't belong", they WILL find "a gun behind every blade of grass", just as Emperor Hirohito said, back in the early 40's! "The sleeping tiger" sleeps no more!

  • The problem I see is corporate America has blind sided so many of us and sold us a bill of false justification for outsourcing that you don't point the finger at the businesses who sell out OUR country by outsourcing OUR countrymen and countrywomens' jobs to China, but instead hook line and sinker point the finger at our own American labor. I expect to catch some fall out for this, and the usual argument is "but businesses hire people, so we have to cut their taxes so they can hire more, I usually shut that up with ... "really... where are they hiring ... China maybe?"  What are we up to 35% tax rate on business?  What's the effective tax rate, that is after all the exploits and loopholes?  Isn't it closer to 0% than 35% and the average to be around 15% ?  There's no excuse for outsourcing. You want to stop outsourcing buy American even if that means buying a union made product. Support your country, and deal with the unions when opportunity presents itself, but don't sell out your own country, or you're just as bad as the socialists who are already doing a fine job of destroying our country!

    We see it all the time on fox news especially some idiot defending illegal imigrants who take American citizens jobs away with some idiot line of "They're just doing the jobs Americans refuse to do or think they're to good to do" No the correct wording is "Americans don't live 10 families to an apartment, and therefore can't afford to compete with the wages accepted by those who aren't even supposed to be in this country in the first place"


    If someone is going to be a sell out they should put their true colors on, and back away from calling themselves a USA first conservative. So many people want to call themselves conservative, America first, but they fail to see that not a single side is without its' own set of flaws. I have flaws, everyone has them, no one is perfect. But to repeat the same things and expect different results is just insanity! The blame for our current economic situation goes back far. Free trade agreements hurt America, some of you are anti-public school because public school direct the progress of the educational process by the average and sometimes slowest members of class.... Well what do you think free trade does. China is now our economic rival.... where they used to be well beneath us. Through things like NAFTA and free trade agreements we have lowered our pace of progress to the slowest of the class for so long the slowest are now equals and getting ready to pass us up... Folks that is economic socialism!

    We have a long way to go before we can even start to take back our country. I only hope I live long enough to see her restored to her full glory.

  • Three keys to business:  Quality, price, and service. 

    We can beat them. Focus on quality and service.  Pricing?  Yeah, they make less expensive products, but they are CHEAP.  They don't last long and you end up buying the same thing three times over the lifetime.  Screw Washington for help.  We need to do this ourselves, outsmart and out-innovate them.

    Must admit it is an uphill battle (Federal Reserve printing more money is no help). 

  • too little too late June but I suppose any effort is better than none... the only way to save our nation is to march... and the gov't is apparently ready thanx to obamanations new affiliation with the UN the UN is ready to take on any likely movement of protest it see's fit to engage.  Real or perceived(sacrry thought)  obamanation is letting the dog's out if you will....


  • Well yes they did.

  • If I cannot find "Made in the USA" - -I will #l, make it myself, or #2, do without it.  When I have to replace my vehicle, I shop for pre-owned, certified, American-made.

This reply was deleted.