Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

The thing that separates humans from lower animals is our advanced state of mind. We are consciously aware of more. The more aware we become, the higher our purpose.

Advanced science now has the means of splitting atoms and studying the subatomic world—the aspects of matter. The subatomic world is a world of uncertainty, a world of infinite possibility; all things possible. We live in a world of reality; the finished product. How does it get from infinite possibility to a TV set, a computer, rocket ship. Some quantum physicists reason that the human mind interacts with the world of infinite possibility. It is a matter of deduction from the evidence. It is mind over matter.

We know that determined people turn their dreams into reality and that weak willed people’s dreams seldom materialize. Chance favors the prepared mind. If all people believed their minds interact with a world of infinite possibility to make their reality, this would be a better world.

However, if the individual knew he was capable of doing anything with his life he wanted, authority would be left merely functionary. Authority creates the problem and then addresses the symptoms. This is how the individual is kept under authority’s control.

Knowing nothing of what I’m writing in this blog, in 1975, I cut from the herd. I was totally on my own at sea, on a boat I named Bold Venture, on an ocean that could turn from placid to life threatening in minutes. Only when placed in such a position can one discover the power that lies within. Miraculously, I lived to tell my story.

It turns out that my story is America’s story. I was personally where America is—forced to jump into the unknown, either to fly with eagles or fall into the abyss. I was 35 years ahead of the Tea Party. I studied the Constitution and acted. Prior to going to sea, I had a bigger than life calling. I sought to regain my constitutional rights. I’m privileged to report that after my two years at sea my life changed for the better. It kept getting better and better. External authority lost its hold on me. The kingdom of God took charge of my life—mind over matter.

Jesus said “in earth as in heaven.” Heaven is not what authority would like for us to believe it is, nor is earth. It all began with a subatomic particle. Prior to this subatomic particle, there had to be consciousness, for this subatomic particle grew to become the universe we know. Without time, nothing develops. Space separates events. We know, therefore, that this state of consciousness had a purpose in mind, and along with this time-space universe’s development came increasing purpose.

The planet earth was placed in the necessarily exact location for the increasing purpose of human intelligence. It seems that advanced science has found a piece of the puzzle that exactly fits in the mold, much to the disadvantage of authority. The ancients figured it out and now advanced science. Authority’s answer is one-world government. We are at the jumping off place.

I’m told that I misinterpret the Bible. Somebody is misinterpreting the Bible. I don’t think it’s me.

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