Alright, I know that the Electoral College remains a mystery to most people, but after a quick Google of the topic, anyone should be able to have enough information to realize why the founding fathers put such a system into place.

Evidently CBS Sunday Morning programmers/editors/writers have had their fingers broken or don't have access to a computer....

CBS Sunday Morning (10/21) just finished a piece on the Electoral College that was created to undermine and vilify this part of voting process. Using young school children (they're so cute, innocent and honest that you have to have sympathy with them - typical emotional blackmail tactics), they set out to show how UNFAIR the Electoral College is to the voters (after all, "your vote doesn't count") and how antiquated the process is ("no other country in the world uses a construct like the Electoral College").

What they don't explain is that the Founding Fathers realized the destructiveness of anarchy brought about by the popular vote, how 'popularity' and 'emotionality' could swing this country onto the wrong course; sort of like being hoodwinked by a slick talking community organizer with silky words but no action plan.....oops been there, done that.

The rest of the piece went on to talk about the organizations who have put into plan the nullification/revocation of the Electoral College, even having 'constitutional scholars' backing such plans....oops been there, done that too.

This insidious plan to nullify the Electoral College must be exposed and stopped before it negates that safeguards put into place by our founding fathers.

States who participate in the plan to nullify the Electoral College include Massachusetts. The nullification phenomenon is all the more important because of the deafening silence from Washington. It should come as no surprise that there are no fiery, angry complaints from Washington regarding this challenge to the Constitution by Massachusetts legislators. Five other states already have passed similar measures. The current administration is very choosy in how it asserts its authority.

The Constitution can be altered or amended only through a constitutional convention or a two-thirds vote in both Houses of Congress (Article 5). State legislatures are not empowered to alter or amend the Constitution.

The Founders were very specific about their preference for representative versus direct democracy. They thought, with a few exceptions, that direct democracy would be more likely to lead to a tyranny of the people very much like what was seen in the murderous and cruel actions of mobs in the latter stages of the French Revolution.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson argued these points extensively, especially during their famous correspondence. Adams took the representation side and Jefferson the populist.

Adams was motivated by a lack of trust in the ability of “the people” (as a bloc) to make the wisest decisions. He argued that better-qualified people (educated and with upstanding character) should be selected by the general electorate so they could then make the best decisions in their representative capacity. In this way, the mob mentality of large populations, like that of the French Revolution, could best be negated.

We must defend our Constitutionality.

We must ensure that the safeguards put into place over 200 years ago remain.

We MUST make this an issue along with our political party affiliations, or we will be ruled by the emotional, pandered to masses whose motivation comes from what they can get from those who still pay taxes.

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  •  I live here in Ma. and I can tell you it is pure hell with regards to reaching an agreement between both parties because it has been infiltrated and amassed with the loyalists from the European concept since the Revolutionary War. We haven't got rid of these thinkers that think they know better than the average American working citizen who cares about their children and grand children. Common ground could be met if the balance was a little different however we have democrats that continue on the path of arrogance with no show of actual leadership in this State.

  • It is imperative to secure the "RIGHTS" of "We the People"!

    We as Americans need to recognize how fortunate we are to have had Founding Fathers with the INTEGRITY and FORESIGHT that they had.

    Our Constitution needs to be protected at ALL COST!

    Present day Washington needs to pay the price for their Treasonist Acts and these NON-AMERICAN Fools need to understand that true Americans will never give in to Socialistic - Progressive Rule!

    "We the People" need to take back control of our Country!


  • this subject only comes up when a democrat is running for office, and it is just another way to circumvent the rules...this goes along with supressing the military vote, no voter id laws, early voting, acorn, and the black panthers....yea..we the people to the libs, means the socialist, big government, big spending, rulers.

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