Cant Fight New Orleans Crime With A VIP Line

New Orleans mayor funds political buddies office-bound social programs at the expense of street activists & even street cops ( leaving the force in droves )  who are in daily contact with those committing violence crime.

Can't Fight New Orleans Crime With A VIP Line

Cap Black The Hood Conservative, 1 Man Street Patrol & Coordinator, Home Defense Foundation of New Orleans. 504 214-3082

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  • Yes, sir, the corruption in our political class is on full display, and systemic.  From the mayors to the president there is nothing they won't do to keep their intoxicating power and handing out favors, accepting bribes.  Feeding on the lesser mortals that cling to their every word, supporters that pump their egos.  

         Only through the continual exposure that you, and a small handful of others, put out there will people be aware.  The sheeple must awaken, and sometimes need to be brought to conclusions kicking and screaming if need be.  It would be great if the huddled masses actually paid attention, but, for the most part, they don't.  People happily go about their little ant games and only pay attention to what the media feeds them.  

         I seriously weep for the Kardashian/Honey Boo-boo generation.  So interested in the crap that the television feeds them to distract from their own lives that they fail to realize they're being played once again.  Parents ignore their children, children fall into electronic realities, and the big GOV wheels keep turning and burning.  

         Listen, children, to capblack.  Wake up and pay attention.  You can continue to be blind slaves to our corrupt system and leaders, or you can get off the couch, drop your electric messiah and get in the game.

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