I'm going to make a long story short.  I get emails from several Tea Party (TP) members, and emails from associated groups (Rainy Day Patriots).  Most all, if not all, serve to bring the current administration negatizm to the attention of the recipient.  Who at this time in the current administration are unaware of the hundreds of problems that face our citizens.  Bottom line...  no more complaints.  We need a Presidentual candidate to support. 


Who would this be?  A person with a strong backbone; a positive degree of charisma; successful business person; a person that generates respect when he walks into a room; a person with no personal interests except to stand for, support and work toward changing the current circus inside the 'beltline' in Washington.  I for one, am desperate to find, this person, and would fly to wherever to be a part of a process of choosing this person through the process of meeting, questioning, and evaluating such a person.  I only wish this individual would willingly and seriously step up to the plate in order to forego a long drawn out search.  Do we need a separate party to get our unified message across?  Probably so, to week out political chronies (professional speaking) from continuing business as usual. I'm not young, and I want more than anything to get this country moving in a direction that represents the desires of the majority of the public.... if not for me.. for my younger family.


We have to quit complaining.  We MUST find this person, begin to apply bumperstickers, yard signs, hold public forums, have a voter registration campaign... and do all it takes to get this person elected.  Am I right? 

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  • Tea Party folks are independent minded and not all are going to view the primary candidates with equal favor. But we all must agree this time around our country needs real adult supervision, real return to our founding and real and dramatic spending and bureaucrat reduction. We need a presidential candidate that will be a strong face and impressive stance against the current administration, a strong pro-American voice. A clear thinker and speaker that will do what he/she says and have a track record to prove it. Someone that will up-hold the Constitutional Republic and not give in to special interest groups, not talk in cliches and lofty rhetoric. America is the last best hope of earth, we have a huge responsibility, as is said, to those who have much, much is expected. A Tea Party check list must include a candidate that will swear to protect the Sovereignty of the US, no UN, no World Courts no "global" adherence.  The candidate must equate energy and economy in one breath, one focus, one mission. And they must affirm a return to Federalism.
  • You have made a strong point. I believe we need more than a 'good' candidate, we need a great Patriot and thereby we get a great candidate. Newt blew it this week in several interviews and he lose the race before entering it. Ron Paul is losing the conservative Jewish vote, Trump fired himself, Huckabee has had enough of being a candidate, Romney brings us 'ObamnyCare' (sucks)  The few that are left must decide soon, be strong and we will rally behind the greatest (not perfect) candidate.  Lets see if America has any great Patriots left.

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